Friday, May 16, 2008

A Good Read Listen

I just finished listening to The Lighthouse, by P.D. James on an audiobook download from Overdrive loaded into my MP3 player. The narration was just right, clear and understandable and decidedly British, which, in my opinion, was exactly what the book required. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it.

Alas, though, now I want to download another book, and I've been trying on my new computer and am not having any luck connecting. I think I remember reading something about connection problems with Vista in some posts on the Ravelry Audiobook forum. I've sent in a request for help to Overdrive, but I know I won't get a weekend response. I'll try the group.

Still no knitting in the past couple of days, but the yarn to complete my Panel Jacket came in yesterday. It's here with the computer boxes. I'll get back to knitting this weekend as soon as I get this machine set up properly.

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