Saturday, May 24, 2008

Reading Express

I had a wonderful day at school yesterday. It was the last regular (sort of) day of school before final exams begin on Tuesday. I checked in books--everyone had his book. There was an assembly, but I had a student who had not finished his in-class research paper, so I had to stay in my room and monitor him. Therefore, I got my finals finished and printed. After lunch there was a schoolwide juniors v. seniors soccer game. I was supposed to have duty in the stands, but instead I ended up having to keep the study hall for those who weren't allowed to go to the game for various reasons. There were 5, plus my research student. Again, I was in my classroom with all that free time, so I got even more tasks done. I had expected to have to bring work home with me and go back to school on Memorial Day to work, and now I don't have to. Yippee!

After school, I stopped by the public library to pick up some weekend reading material. I chose a couple of novels, but then when I checked out, the desk clerk mentioned a book that would be due on the 27th. I had ordered the next book in the Rick Riordan series, The Titan's Curse, and had forgotten I had ordered it. The library hadn't notified me that it had come on interlibrary loan. There's no way to extend the due date, so I brought it home with me and read it straight through. I finished it this morning--got too sleepy to read last night. I really liked the book, the third in the series. I was very enthusiastic about the first book, the second was good, and this one was, in my opinion, better than the second. Of course, the fact that their journey went through one of our old vacation spots was interesting. I think the "journey across America, finding signs of the gods in familiar places" was the aspect I missed in the second book, which was obviously based on The Odyssey. Now I have to return it promptly to the after hours check in so that it can go back first thing Tuesday morning and send an e-mail requesting book four.

Holiday plans--a DGS's birthday party, a leisurely day today cleaning some troublespots around the house that are bugging me (a start on afterschool cleaning), reading, and knitting on the Wonderful Wallaby I've started for DGD2. I planned Wallabies for all the DGC for Christmas, but I've decided to make them for earlier. As quickly as children grow, it's a shame to waste some good sweater months waiting for the holidays. I may even slip into spinning on Monday if the weekend remains quiet.

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Mary said...

How lucky you were to have had that extra time to catch up on work tasks!

Sounds like a good weekend--enjoy!