Friday, May 09, 2008

Whee! I'm on a (Mini)Vacation!

Because our state legislature, prompted by the Chambers of Commerce, decreed that our school calendars had to be set back a week, our spring vacations were messed up. In effect, we lost one. Our Superintendent did, however, work in a couple of early-release days on Fridays. Today was one of them. It's amazing how a 3-hour afternoon can feel like a whole day off at this time of the year. I was very productive; I zipped down to our business and paid invoices, dashed into the public library, picked up a hamburger, and took a bubble bath with Stephen King. (His new book--Duma Key.) After that, I admired my garden:

A few grape tomato plants. If I can make these produce, they should be a big money-saver, since I can eat a $2.50 carton of them at a meal--not to mention that I have to drive 35 miles one way to buy any. The plants were a birthday gift from my DD.
On the knitting front, the Panel Jacket is stalled. It is a stash-busting project, so naturally I'm having to buy more yarn to finish it. Therefore, I'm returning to the Heartbeat Sweater for awhile. I should make fairly good progress this weekend--two evening NASCAR races!


Carrie said...

How is Duma Key? I haven't read it yet.

Sherie said...

Good luck with the tomato plants. My DH is planting some this year too. I listened to Duma Key and if you like Stephen King you'll like this one too.

LaVerna said...

I loved Duma Key!Wish I had known you were a King fan I would have gifted the book to you instead of putting it on Book Mooch.

Knittinreed said...

I hope your tomatoes produce a bumper crop!

Yes, I make my own reeds and used to work in instrument repair. I also like working with larger pieces of woord - I have finished a few of the pieces in our home. I always thought I would like to have a wood shop in my home. And power tools - yeah!

I am lucky to be a recipient of Dad's handy genes and Mom's musical genes. Thanks for stopping by - I love when people leave comments :-)