Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yarn Preferences

I've been doing quite a bit of knitting for preschoolers. My budget and the easy care needs of active children prohibit the expense of "fine" yarns. I see no real point in knitting something that requires so much special care that it becomes an expense or a burden to the recipient or to a busy mom. My favorite yarns, so far:

  • Lion Brand Cotton Ease--I love this yarn and the product that I get from it. I like the feel, and I like the way it launders. What don't I like? The color choices are much too limited.
  • Red Heart Kids--A comfy 100% acrylic. I made a couple of hats, and they turned out great. Again, the color choices are very limited.
  • Plymouth Encore--An acrylic-wool blend. I love knitting with it because it's not splitty. I like the range of colors and the colorspun blends. I like the feel of the finished product. Unfortunately, I cannot find a dealer in my area, so I have to order.
  • Lion Brand Wool Ease--Also an acrylic-wool blend. Available almost everywhere around here at good prices. Although this yarn has almost the same fiber content at Encore, I find it to be splittier. The color choices are excellent, and if I want a finished product that looks more like wool, this one does the job.
  • Bernat Satin--I've made a couple of Mason-Dixon baby kimonos. This yarn has a wonderful feel. It is really inexpensive. The color choices, however, are extremely limited, mostly infant.

I'd love to hear how others feel about these yarns and if there are more suggestions.


Mary said...

I use Plymouth Encore for baby blankets and kid's hats. That little bit of wool in it gives it a good feel.

Knittinreed said...

I like Cotton Ease too. Just got some Bernat Satin for - a baby jacket. A fingering weight I like is Luster Sheen by Red Heart. It is not at all splitty and isvery soft.

LizzieK8 said...

Cotton is really easy to dye....

I like just plain Red Heart, too. It's very comfortable after washing and drying. I love Encore, WoolEze is okay.

I do a lot of charity knitting and you're right, special care clothing is just not practical.

Robin said...

Jane, have you ever heard of or knit with Dark Horse Yarns? I'm using Dark Horse Fantasy and it's sooo soft. 50/50 nylon and acrylic. Tons of colors and very affordable. Check out their site - .