Saturday, June 07, 2008

Another Book Post

I am not avoiding knitting content, or sewing for that matter. I have excuses. First of all, I'm making great progress on the Wallaby--the sleeves are attached, the placket is begun, and I am now knitting the part of the yoke that cannot be knit in the round. I would make a picture, but it just looks like a pink blob, with black yarn stitcholders and rubber bands for markers, not to mention yarn ends hanging in several directions. I'll photograph it when it is done. Speaking of markers, I got caught the other day needing sock markers while I was knitting out somewhere. A paperclip on one side and a pull tab on the other worked just fine and aroused interest in onlookers.

I also did some sewing today, sort of. I cut out the bodices and ties to sundresses for all three DGDs. The skirts can be torn from the fabric later. That was several different pieces, since the bodices are lined and so is each shoulder tie. The fabric is green, turquoise, orange, and yellow batik quilting cotton from my stash. I decided to sew until I got to the part that I had to press, which meant I could assemble all twelve ties and three bodices and three bodice linings. Well, on tie number 10, my machine jammed. I cleared it. It jammed again. I removed the throat plate and the bobbin case and cleaned and checked and reassembled. It jammed again. I quit for the day. If it doesn't work tomorrow (meaning that the sewing fairies didn't show), I will get out my secret weapon #1--a Singer Featherweight, circa 1950. I also have my grandmother's Singer in another room in its own cabinet, but I'd have to use a knee control again, and I'm not very good with that anymore. The fancy computerized machine can go to the repair place on Tuesday.

So, since I couldn't sew, I read. The books was Stranger in Paradise by Robert S. Parker. I picked it up from the new books shelf at the library last week when I was in a hurry. I must confess that I don't really like reading Parker although I have absolutely loved the television and movie renditions of his characters. The old Spenser television series starring Robert
Urich was a real favorite of mine, and recently I've enjoyed the Jesse Stone movies starring Tom Selleck. This was a Jesse Stone book, so I decided to try it. I found the characters in the book lacking in the depth that I see portrayed in the film, and I find Parker's style unbearably spare. I do not particularly admire writers who are verbose, but Parker makes Hemingway seem wordy.

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LizzieK8 said...

Years ago, I adored the Spenser (loved the TV series, too) books. Recently I picked up the Jesse Stone novels and got so tired of reading, "he said", "she said".

I know Stone is a man of few words, but really.....

I had a super computerized Singer and when it broke it cost more to fix than to buy a new one. I went back to the simpler models and haven't had nearly as much problems with them.