Saturday, June 28, 2008

Audiobook Adventure

Nevada Barr, who writes a series of mystery stories involving a National Park Ranger, Anna Pigeon, that are set in various National Parks, has written Winter Study, a novel set in America's least-visited park, Isle Royale, in Michigan. This is a return setting for her, since one of her earlier books, set in the same park, used the background of fishing, hiking, and diving to enhance a suspenseful thriller. This new book uses as a background the oldest continuous study of wildlife in the United States, the Wolf and Moose Study on Isle Royale. The novel is a really good read. I actually downloaded the audiobook from Audible because I wanted to listen while spinning, knitting, and housecleaning. The reading by Rosenblatt was very well done. The plot is highly suspenseful, and the interesting information about a world that I will probably never see was fascinating. That's the thing about Barr's novels--she takes you both to places that you will never get to go and to places that you have been. I would recommend the book highly, but it is not in-car listening for a family trip, since it does include the f-word at certain times. I used to read Barr's novels faithfully, but I need to catch up a little on some of them. I'll have to check the public library.

I should perhaps point out that this is great keep cool reading. I usually get warm while spinning, but I had to turn the air conditioner thermostat up because I got cold just listening.

I am also reading--book in hand--the rest of the Oregon series by Clive Cussler and co-authors. I will review the series as a whole later.

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LizzieK8 said...

Oh yum! Sounds great.

Were you the one that suggested the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child? I've listened to two of them and have found it hard to turn off my MP3 player at night!