Friday, June 20, 2008

Lace Progress at Last!

I've been all wound up in the evenings because I've been serving on a committee at school in the afternoons that I find difficult to serve on, and it makes me very nervous. Last night, I had absolutely had it! I apprehensively picked up my Adamas Shawl, thinking that I could just mess that up as well. Amazingly, I managed to finish Chart 1, and I knitted Chart 2 all the way up to the "dreaded" Row 7. You will notice that I am using bright red lifelines of old crochet thread. They are much easier to deal with for me than dental floss and still fit right in the little holes on my KP Harmony needles. I think one reason that I'm finding the knitting easier is that I have gone down to a size that makes my fabric a little firmer. I got that tip from the Adamas group on Ravelry and from Eunny's excellent lessons. The yarn is KP Shimmer. It has appeared here before and then been frogged. Perhaps it will make it this time.
Another book--Black Wind by Clive and Dirk Cussler. In this book, the original Dirk Pitt is now the older mentor, and his son Dirk and daughter Summer are the protagonists. The plot was entertaining. I'm obviously going to have to go back into some other books to determine where these younger Pitts entered the story.

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LizzieK8 said...

Oh, you can read books without starting at the beginning of the series and reading them in order?? Lucky you! :)

I hate to do that for just the reason you stated, "Who are these people and when did they enter the stories?"

Good luck on the lace. I'm not a good one for lace as it seems I always have to have an ear or eye cocked for some other reason. Shoot, I have a hard time counting some days!