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Ten years ago: 1998—I had just finished my first year back in teaching after a 16-year absence. My daughter had just graduated from high school and was headed off to summer school.

Five things on today's "to do" list:
1. Go to church.
2. Finish the laundry I started yesterday.
3. Watch the Dover NASCAR Cup race.
4. Knit the second sleeve for my DGD’s Wonderful Wallaby. (I tried while the race was starting and knitted the entire ribbing before noticing I had failed to change to the smaller needles. I have to start over.)
5. Fax in some paperwork regarding some school insurance technicalities.

Things I'd do if I was a billionaire:
· Endow a scholarship fund that used interest only for students at my high school who demonstrate outstanding academic ability and hard work, with eligibility based on grades, ACT/SAT scores, and achievement on Advanced Placement Exams. “Need” would not be a factor—there are plenty of those.
· Get a housekeeper.
· Contribute substantially to my local church endowment fund and to the local library endowment.
· Invest the rest as safely as possible, with an eye to securing by some arrangement the availability of a good education to our descendants.
· Buy a small and modest vacation home near a rustic mountain resort area. I don’t want to be in one of the popular ones because I don’t like the clubby mentality.

Three bad habits:
· I’m a food addict, and I will always struggle with that.
· I avoid making the beds.
· I can carry a grudge for years.

Five places I've lived:
· Here, in my hometown.
· Amarillo, TX
· Portales, NM for college
· Sacramento, CA—the summer of 1968
· Guam—the summer of 1969

Five Jobs I've Had:
  1. Secretary to a professor in college
  2. Church secretary
  3. Secondary English teacher 1971-1980
  4. Our own business--still going with that, part time for me
  5. Secondary English teacher 1997-now

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