Sunday, June 15, 2008

Totally Random Musings

Jr. won!!!!!!!

It was an interesting week--

I did get my sewing machine back in working order, so I can begin sewing again.

I worked at our business to get my monthly bookkeeping done.

I drove out of town two days to play with my DGDs while their mom was at work. On one of the days, the older DGD and I “planted” a sweet potato. I am stealing this picture from her mom’s private blog. They think I did a good job of choosing a sweet potato that looks like a seal.

The seal comment is a segue to a book review. After all, seals-ocean-Dirk Pitt-other novels by Clive Cussler, right? I downloaded an audiobook to listen to while driving and finished on Thursday after I got home. The book is Golden Buddha by Clive Cussler and Craig Dirgo. The reader on the audiobook did a particularly good job. This book is evidently part of a series that does not feature Pitt, but instead a group of people in a private company who travel around the world making money by doing good. I really enjoyed the adventure, but I did not feel as involved with the characters as I usually feel with a Pitt novel. Of course, I’ve read quite a few of those over the years, so I may be judging by an accumulation of character development. And, frankly, no one reads Cussler for character development. The plot and the variety of settings are what make his books great fun to read. Golden Buddha certainly lived up to expectations on both those counts.
The DGS is learning to ride his bicycle with training wheels, and his little sister has discovered the sprinkler. She toddles right in there for a cooling spray on a hot day.

On Friday, I began the really deep cleaning that I have been needing to do in our bedroom. I have promised myself that I will work mornings on the house, etc., all summer, and use only afternoons and evenings for fiber and fun. I almost had fun yesterday, though, cleaning a window. I had read somewhere recently that the new microfiber cleaning cloths were wonderful for window cleaning, so I bought some the other day. My windows are fairly easy to clean since they tilt in, but I always used what seemed like rolls of paper towels. Well, the microfiber cloths are indeed just the thing. I was very pleased. I continued with the other two windows today. I’m also washing draperies and curtains and the “extra” bedding things like throws and pillows, so I’m not moving very fast, but that’s OK.

Because I was in a Clive Cussler mood—I’ve been a little behind lately—I also visited my local library. It’s a small town, so it’s not open on weekends or evenings. I checked out two novels, and read one yesterday. Hey, it’s summer vacation! Cyclops was a typical Pitt adventure. It was a page turner, but I did not find the settings as compelling as some of his longer globe-hopping books.

Here is a picture of the second Wonderful Wallaby for DGD2 being embraced by the first WW that was knitted for her big sister. (Nothing like an artsy shot on the bathroom vanity!)

I held it up to her the other day, and I think it will fit just fine this winter. I also tried it on DGD3 to judge for size. I really love knitting with the Plymouth Encore. It feels very cushy. I have not yet blocked the sweaters, and I hope blocking will make them even better. My garter stitch kitchener needs improving, though. After a jillion sock toes, I've gotten pretty good at the stockinette, but the stretchiness of the garter stitch makes it harder for me somehow. Now all we need is a cooler Texas winter instead of the relatively warm one like we had last year.

I spent Saturday afternoon struggling with a lace project. I had set a goal of knitting a Kiri this year, but after several false starts, the project was languishing. Then I saw the Yarn Harlot’s pictures of her Adamas Shawl. I like the pattern better than Kiri, so I thought I’d take the same yarn and try it. I have spent most of the afternoon tinking and frogging, but I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. I’ve learned a new skill, the cable cast-on.

I did not knit in public for Worldwide KIP day because I did not go out in public, but I did get some people interested at the dentist’s office the other day by knitting a sock in the waiting room. I was already on the foot, so I didn’t get to demonstrate the wonder of turning a heel, but at least one onlooker found the idea of the self-striping yarn to be very interesting. I have had to change dentists because my former dentist passed away last fall. I’m not very adventurous, so I’m going to his son in a nearby town.
Do the label printers at meat departments have spell check? I bought half a Bavarian Ham the other day and discovered the grocery store label describes it as "Barbarian Ham."
Tonight I'm planning to watch the next installment of When We Left Earth on the Discovery Channel. I watched the first one last Sunday night and really enjoyed it. The Mercury Astronauts were my childhood heroes. Like most children who grew up in the 1950s and early 60s. I followed their careers and training in the gloriously large and wonderful pages of Life and Look. My parents were very strict about school responsibilities, but I remember being allowed to stay home long enough to watch the lift off of Alan Shepard and his safe splashdown a few minutes later. I ran all the way to school to take the news to my 6th grade class. In spite of the colored pictures in the magazines, and even most of those were black and white, it seemed odd to watch the launches of the Mercury flights in color and to see colored film of the astronauts during the flights. I will forever remember watching the launch of John Glenn on a grainy black and white tv while sitting on the couch in my pjs wrapped in a blanket. The photography in the Discovery Channel series is phenomenal. This is one of the times I wish I had HD.

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