Sunday, July 27, 2008

Reading, Spinning, Knitting

Another Audiobook post? I’ve spun and knitted and played a little Spider Solitaire to listen to another Audiobook. (I’m still not pleased with Vista, but I love the way Spider Solitaire works. The important things, right?) This one was a download from Audible. Swan Peak, by James Lee Burke, was an unexpected treat to listen to. At first I felt that the book was unbearably dark. I seem to have gotten into a run of that kind of book recently, and this one started off with the absolute worst sides of human nature. However, I stuck with it and found, unexpectedly, that this is a book about redemption—but redemption in unexpected ways. It was a great listen also because of the reader, Will Patton. Since this book was one of a series featuring a character named Dave Robichaux, I plan to listen to or read more of them.

As a total sideline, my curiosity was aroused by a couple of side issues in the book—I’m irritating that way. First of all, the book is set in Montana. The Bitteroot Mountains are mentioned often, as well as other Bitteroot geographical features. The reader pronounces the word “Bitterit.” Is that correct? I need to know this because I just can’t stand not knowing it when I begin kntting my new Mountain Colors Bearfoot socks! Secondly, most books not actually set in the Texas Panhandle that need to refer to our part of the country refer to Amarillo or perhaps Plainview, I think because they like that name for some reason. This novel referred to Dumas—pronounced “Doomus”—Dalhart, and Texline. I don’t know if the author simply looked at a map for interesting names when making up the background of a character or if he has some connection to our area. See? My mind is definitely weird.

When I explore more of this writer’s work, I do hope that the relationship between the main character and his wife is explored more fully. The background sounds interesting.

Spinning content—I am working hard on spinning thinner. That also means that it takes much longer to spin up a certain amount of fiber! This is my progress so far on roving that I had in stash from the Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club. (English teacher note: Should that be spinning more thinly? That sounds stuffy. Make it spinning thinner yarn.)

Knitting Content—a pair of socks for ME! These are from some OnLine Highland Color that I had in stash. I know they will be comfy because I made them just like my others from the same yarn. These are about as neutral as you can get—black and brown and gray and beige. That’s what I needed. I apologize for the perspective in the picture. I have to squeeze objects into this lightbox to get correct colors when shooting indoors, and right now the mosquitoes are giving me such fits outside that I am not inclined to be out there taking artsy shots. After a few more days of dry weather, things will be better. I am knitting some more exciting socks now, but no more information until I am finished. Then I have to swatch madly for the Ravelympics.


Cathy said...

I do like the socks!

When does school start for you? Teachers start tomorrow (Monday July 28)!

Soonerbeknitting said...

Now I need to go look for that book!

I'm still trying to avoid spinning, but your pictures aren't helping - beautiful yarn!

LizzieK8 said...

I put the first of the Dave Robichaux series on my To Read list. Sounds like they might really be good. IT looks like the first novel, Neon Rain does explain more about him and his wife.

I have the same sensitivity to facts in books and readers' pronunciations.

What do you need the neutral socks for? Just curious.... :)