Sunday, July 06, 2008

Books and Socks

Does that title qualify as slant rhyme? I'll have to look up the definition again.

Two other books in Clive Cussler's Oregon series--Sacred Stone and Dark Watch--were predictably riveting as thrillers. I think a new book in the series is either recent or about to come out. These are not great literature, but I enjoy the change of scenery from the Texas Panhandle. I love where I live and would not choose to live anywhere else, but a little variety is a good thing sometimes. I had unexpected problems reading one of the books. The only copy our library had was in the Large Print section. Even though I'm old enough to be in trifocals, I had difficulty concentrating on the larger print until I got used to it. That surprised me.

I finished another pair of socks for my DH. The color in the photo is a little off, in spite of my best efforts with Photoshop and my use of a lightbox. The gray is bluer than in the picture. If you notice, the socks are almost too big for the box. I'll have to pose them more artistically in the future. For the time being, outside shots are out of the question--we've finally had rain, and the mosquitoes eat me up so I'm staying inside or moving fast when I'm out.

The yarn I used for these is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Colortweed 1008. It's part of a selection of random kinds I bought a year or so ago to finish out a Webs discount. I used 2.75 mm needles. I liked knitting with this yarn much better than the Megaboot Stretch in the same brand that I used a few months ago. This yarn was smoother to the touch and much less splitty and aggravating to work with. After laundering, the socks are lusciously soft.
Now I have a sock-related question for my knitter readers. My first socks were knitted on 3s out of Austermann Step. That was indeed too big a needle, and I am not pleased with the fabric of the sock. The next pair was from Regia, knitted on 2s. Then, after reading about wear and durability, I dropped back to 1s or 1.5s, depending on the brand. I did, however, knit a pair from KP Essentials on 2s because the pattern called for it. I have been wearing these socks weekly for almost two years. Frankly, in spite of what I expected, I can't determine that the wear factor is any greater with the socks knitted on the slightly bigger needles, and in fact the Essentials pair and the Regias knitted on the 2s are my favorite socks because they are softer. The Regias I have knitted on 1s simply don't compare. Admittedly, all my socks have been knitted from commercial sock yarn with some nylon content, but my own experience seems to fly in the face of advice I have read.


Carrie said...

You really need to squeeze some more knitting jargon into this post; I'm not lost enough yet! :-)

The socks look good, though!

Deb said...

Even if the color isn't right in your photo, the socks are gorgeous. I usually knit my socks on #2s. I've used both Regia and Meleinweit. I mostly use Trekking XL though - they seem to wear like iron and are really comfy.