Monday, July 07, 2008

Hill Country Mystery

The Texas Hill Country is beautiful, and Susan Wittig Albert uses it well as the setting for a series of mystery novels featuring ex-defense attorney turned herb shop owner China Bayles. Set in the imaginary town of Pecan Springs, the mysteries all feature a particular herb and are loaded with recipes, herbal information, and suspense. I've enjoyed every one of them, and Spanish Dagger lived up to the rest. I recommend her books highly. It is not absolutely necessary to start at the beginning of the series to know what's going on, but it is sort of interesting to see the characters grow and develop over time.

I also listened to a freebie from Audible--The Chopin Manuscript: a Serial Thiller. The meaning of "serial" in this title is that each chapter is written by a different professional mystery author. Amazingly, they manage to produce a reasonably good spy novel. It was interesting seeing what one person could do to twist another's plot. I think there were a couple of skips in the plot, but I didn't rewind to listen again, and it could be that I was just distracted for a moment.

Tour de Fleece update--1 bobbin of gray singles is almost full. I would make a picture, but too many pictures of plain gray singles are going to be really dull. I also watched the Ribwarmer DVD today and made some decisions about how I want to do mine. The DVD definitely answered some of the questions about how to adjust for gauge and different measurements that I was unable to resolve by looking at EZs directions. It also shows how to do a seamless back.

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susanalbert said...

Hey, Jane--So nice to hear that you're enjoying China's mysteries! Thanks for the mention on your blog. I'm a knitter/spinner, too, and always wish I had time for more. (Not enough time in this world to do all we want to do!)

Susan Wittig Albert