Friday, July 25, 2008

I Was Tagged!

I was tagged by Deb:

Here are the rules:

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2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.

** I teach at the same high school from which I graduated. It was a brand new building back then.

** I spend most of my free time knitting, reading, or on the internet. Occasionally I do housework, but only when necessary!! (Yes, Deb, I copied this one from you.)

**I spent summers in college doing mission work in Sacramento and in Guam.

** I ‘ve been married for 30 years to a wonderful man that I’ve known all my life. Somewhere in my closet I have a hand-carved bow and knife—wooden toy—that he carved for me when we were children. He burned my name on the knife with a magnifying glass.

** I have two wonderful grown children with families of their own. That means 4 really sweet and INTERESTING grandchildren—two 5 year olds and two 1 ½ year olds.

** As I approach retirement, my ambitions are to teach a junior college class or two and to have more time for my church, some volunteer duties, and lots of time to be a grandmother. Of course, I’ll keep knitting in between.

**I would also like to travel, but I’m not sure where. I find that I no longer like to “go” just for the sake of going.

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Cathy said...

Jane, I do believe you would be a wonderful friend and neighbor. Great meme!

Deb said...

That's really neat that you have the the bow and knife! I agree, Cathy, I think Jane would be a great neighbor and friend.