Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Journal Entry? Scroll Down for Fiber Content

On Monday, I drove to Amarillo again to take my oldest DGD to a special event—Fancy Nancy Day at the library. We have enjoyed the Fancy Nancy books together, and I think she still likes the idea of them, although she is rapidly developing interest in the more simple chapter books. I’ll miss the clever illustrations and the word play in Fancy Nancy’s, but there IS a little sister coming up.

Yesterday was another day out. July is when I get caught up on all my bookwork at our business—the extras that I avoid during the school year when I just do the essentials. I work every morning that I can. In fact, I’ll be off again in a few minutes. Yesterday, however, work was followed by a lunchtime study meeting at the church. We’re studying a very thought=provoking book on forgiveness, and it is a very congenial group. They actually meet year round, but, of course, I can’t meet during the school year.

Last night, I attended a committee meeting at the library. We are raising money for an endowment fund. When I was a girl, in fact until not long before I graduated from high school, there was no library here. We did have a bookmobile that came around for awhile in the early 60s, and then some women in a local club started the library as a project. It moved from the clubhouse to the old American Legion hall and finally to its present dedicated location. The city pays utilities and insurance and the salaries and provides a book stipend, but our librarian has been great about getting book grants; our state library system and the Harrington Library Consortium have helped; and we have a topnotch library, particularly for such a small town. Through it all, the local donations and support have provided the building money, shelving money, and other extras that the library needs. Now we are trying to build an endowment fund that will be invested so that the proceeds can be used in the future for those extras that are not provided by the tax dollars. Thanks to people on the committee who are much more experienced than I, we have gathered enough donations and matching grants to almost reach our goal. Tomorrow, we are going to do a mailing to our members, many of whom have already donated, to ask for just a little more. Of course, we will keep adding to the fund from now on, but this will give us a base to work from.

Spinning--Right now, my fiber projects are not too exciting. I’m still spinning on the gray wool for the Tour de Fleece. I’m going to stop when I have about 500 yards, I think. I have more roving than that, but it is so lovely to spin that I do not want to spin it all up in this heavy worsted weight if I don’t need it for the ribwarmer. I have two different skeins of handspun to choose from for the edging, depending on what I want to do with the color. I’ll have to see how the mood strikes me when I get that far.

Knitting--The other project is my scarf for this fall for the Red Scarf Project. I’m using the Yarn Harlot’s One Row Handspun Scarf pattern, but I’m using plain Red Sprinkles Wool Ease, and the knitting seems to be progressing at a snail’s pace. I keep measuring, just like a child asking, “Are we there yet?” I need 12 more inches as of last night.

Sewing--I've been putting off an enormous cleaning and organizing project for a fiber area for months. As soon as my mornings at the store are finished for the summer, I'm going to devote mornings to this project, complicated by the fact that someone is coming to replace the windows out there, and I'm not sure exactly when. I simply have to get things so that I can enjoy working on my projects more in the little dabs of time I have after school.

Reading—Two Stone Barrington novels by Stuart Woods—The Short Forever and Dirty Work. I don’t know why I’m on this macho reading binge although I am enjoying the settings of these novels and the Cussler ones. Sort of my cruise for the summer, I guess. Both of these books, which I read “in order,” are predictably suspenseful, even if the plot stretches credibility occasionally. I have a list of this author’s books that I am approaching in an organized fashion, but I don’t think I’m going to read them all at once. I’m still hopping around investigating audiobooks as well, both through the public library Overdrive system and Audible. It will soon be time to do some rereading of the novels I teach at school. That’s one reason I tend to stick to classics there. Selfishly, those are always worth another read because I find something new every time.


LizzieK8 said...

One of the things our local Friends of the Library does is collect book donations and they have a book sale twice a year. Really inexpensive...$1 or less/book. They must be very successful because they have their own building now for the sales and storage between them.

My seven year old GD is enjoying the Amelia Bedelia books as well as the Magic Tree house ones.

Rebecca said...

thanks for the tip on the harlot's scarf pattern! how did i miss that one? it's fabulous!

ugh, trips to the library - my E loves loves to read. goes through books like water. and my boys, well, they could care less. so she is in total browsing heaven at the library, the boys pick out their 3 as fast as possible and then c.o.m.p.l.a.i.n like mad until i hae to force her into a decision!

Deb said...

Sounds like we have another thing in common -- bookkeeping for a family business! I try to set myself a schedule - 2nd weekend of the month to do my husband's books. Doesn't always work. I'm nervous about the upcoming year because with the start of the school of year his employees will more than double. We do use a payroll service but I still have to enter the payroll totals into the bookkeeping program. . . .What kind of a business do you have? My husband owns a school transportation company and received a huge contract.