Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Novel

The latest plying, cleaning, knitting audiobook that I “read” is Tess Garritsen’s The Bone Garden: a Novel. This book was quite different from what I expected. Since I found it in the Mystery and Suspense section of my Overdrive connection, I was expecting more of a traditional mystery story, perhaps along the lines of a Jack the Ripper type. Instead, this book is wonderfully involved novel with elements of romance, historical realism, and suspense. I really liked this book although some things about it are not pleasant listening--for example, the descriptions of childbed fever in the hospitals of the 1830s. The descriptions of the work of Resurrection Men rival those of Charles Dickens. Oliver Wendell Holmes (the poet, not the Supreme court Justice) is a character in the book, and the reader learns about his remarkable medical career. I read the reviews on Amazon after I finished listening. I would rate the novel itself more highly than most of them did. I did, however, agree with the audiobook critiques which describe the reading as absolutely great!

I had a vacation day yesterday--finishing the audiobook, starting a handspun scarf, watching National Treasure 2 on DVD, and spending a little time with my grandchildren before the DGS is gone for a month. Today I get to babysit DGD for a little while to fill in some gaps in their schedule. It's nice to have some summer time to do this sort of thing.

I also began working on my new web page for our new school site. The training last week was sort of mind-numbing, but it did let me have enough familiarity with the setup to be able to use the manual efficiently when I need help. The program the school is using will make it easy to make daily changes to assignments and information for students and parents. I'm not sure how many of them will make effective use of it at the start, but it is a beginning toward better communication. This program should also let us post copies of handouts so that if a student loses a paper, he can just download a pdf of another. There goes an excuse!


LizzieK8 said...

Bone Garden was the first book I finished this year. I adored it so much I e-mailed Tess Garritsen to tell her how much I liked it. She has others, similar in vein, too, you know!

Love the National Treasures, too! He's such a good puzzle solver!

Carrie said...

Gerritsen can be kind of formulaic if you read a lot of her stuff (sort of like Crichton, Cook, etc.), but this one was different with the historical aspect. I read it several months ago and loved it.