Saturday, July 12, 2008


Yesterday I spent with my youngest DGD. It is so easy to forget how much fun it is just to watch them. I have a child's rocker that she has been trying to get properly seated in for a couple of weeks. Yesterday she made it--got up in it, turned around, and sat down properly and made it rock, even with her short little legs sticking straight out in front! It plays music when it rocks, so that made her very proud. We also worked on learning to roll a ball back and forth. Alas, she is much more adept at getting up and down from the floor than Grandma is!

We had a lovely beginning to our weekend--a trip to Amarillo for meat, groceries, camera batteries, and, most importantly, lunch with our DD, DSIL, and DGDs. Lunch was fun, with the tall tower of onion rings at Red Robin and some good food and visiting. DGD1 got to hug the model of the Statue of Liberty, and DGD2 got balloons, so everything was great at the restaurant.

Ordering the steaks and picking them up went fine, but then there was the grocery store. We went to a store that is absolutely one of my favorite places to shop, both for the selection and the service. I try to get up there at least once a month for items I can't get in our small town. As usual I took my cloth bags with me. When the very young sacker began putting my food in the bags, I asked him to be sure to put things that needed to stay cold together since we were from out of town and would put them in the cooler in our car. He graciously complied. While I was distracted by something else, a much older sacker came and took over the job and insisted on unsacking everything the boy had done and redoing the bags by "weight." For example, I had 2 1/2-gallon cartons of LactAid, so he put one in one bag and one in another. Two cantaloupes--in two different bags, etc. I gave up trying to explain what I wanted and waited until he got my purchases out to the car. I sorted as he was putting them in the cooler, much to his disgust, and got all the cold things in. Then we got to the eggs. I had a flat of 36. My cooler is about 3 inches taller than my cloth sacks, and the lid is domed above that. He was upset because I was setting the eggs on top of the other items in the cooler, insisting they would be smashed. I did it anyway. I know eggs would not spoil on the way home, but if I'm paying for Grade A or AA, I don't want the grade to deteriorate through carelessness when I can preserve it. Honestly! I was nice to him on the theory that I should be respectful to a senior citizen. I sometimes forget that I carry an AARP card. Childhood habits die hard. (3 hours and 75 miles later, we put 36 unbroken eggs into the refrigerator.)

This whole incident also brings back memories of my mother, who absolutely insisted that bread be in a separate sack that she personally carried to the car herself and placed in the front seat. As a teenager I was embarrassed by that. How life changes our perspective!

My extravagance--sock yarn from The Loopy Ewe.

L to R--Mountain Colors Bearfoot--my yummiest favorite--in Gray Wolf; Colinette Jitterbug in Slate; Great Adirondack Silky Sock in Dove; and Alpaca Yarn Company in Deep Seas. I realize that these colors are not the really bright ones. However, these are for me, and I can get by wearing handknit socks to work if I am not too wild. I have a pair of socks OTN right now out of OnLine Highland Color, but I can hardly wait to start on these.

And finally, a Tour de Fleece report:

The bobbin above is the third I've spun from the gray wool roving from Sheep Shed Studio. This fiber is very easy to spin. I spun some of it a few months ago. My goal is to finish spinning what I have on hand in order to have enough for an EZ ribwarmer. I have some other handspun I made from Spunky Eclectic fiber that I plan to use for an applied I-cord edging and bindoff.

The yarn from the first two bobbins. This is a heavy worsted weight, which is perplexing me somewhat. The first couple of skeins, which I spun a few months ago, weren't quite this heavy when I finished them, and I appeared to be spinning to the same size. On the other hand, I fulled this yarn with 4 hot/cold washes. I just washed the other yarn but didn't full it. Before I spin more, I will get that yarn out and full it as well. It seemed to me that this yarn plumped up dramatically with the fulling process.

NOTE: I did put one of the pony bead lacing bands on my Ashford Traveller. You can see it in the photo above. I absolutely love it! I can't describe exactly, but the wheel spins much better and has a different feel to it, sort of like having better tires on a car. It also makes it so easy to switch to a different whorl for plying. Thanks, Cecioboe, for your help!

OTN: OnLine Socks
Yarn Harlot One-Row Scarf for Red Scarf Project

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Deb said...

I LOVE your sock yarn selections!! While the bright colors are beautiful, the colors you chose get worn more - or at least would if I had them.

Grocery store baggers (that's the term in NH) drive me crazy, no matter what kind of bag the groceries go in. At my grocery store there's an elderly woman by the name of Betty. She is the only person at that store that understands how to bag groceries. She's also the only female bagger! I think that says something. She tries to teach the rest of the baggers, usually teenage boys how to do it. Most don't care.