Thursday, July 24, 2008

So Who Needs an MP3 Player?

As you can no doubt tell, I listen to audiobooks while spinning, knitting, and doing household task that I find boring. My MP3 player is a fairly basic model. I'm told there are some out there with a sleep function, but I don't know how to find one. Anyway, I've not been feeling well, so I've been somewhat restless at night. I decided to turn on my audiobook--Crichton's Next--while getting sleepy. The first night all went well, I think, and I turned off the player before going to sleep. The second night, I did the same thing--I thought. However, I woke up later at a suspenseful part of the story, not entirely sure of how I got there. Not only that, but I had indeed removed the player before I fell asleep and had evidently been writing my own novel in my dreams. Now i see no other choice except backing up to where I know I was before and then going ahead from there.

I think the news yesterday inspired me, with the video from Japan of the zookeepers' trying to tranquilizer dart a chimpanzee, and the ape's grabbing the gun away from them--but I'm not sure.


LizzieK8 said...

I have a dvd player in my bedroom. I listen to a book on CD when falling asleep. Set my TV to sleep and it goes off in an hour and the CD plays through and the player turns itself off eventually. I have one book for upstairs in my room, and then have my MP3 player for everywhere else.

Be sure to take notes on the novel you're "dream" writing! :)

Sherie said...

hehe, I've fallen asleep while listening to audiobooks on my ipod too. Mine has a timer, so I set it before I start and that way if I fall asleep then I'm not too far off the pickup place.