Sunday, July 20, 2008

Spinning, Knitting, Reading

Spinning--I think I have completed my spinning project for the Tour de Fleece. Here is the completed yarn. The hand-wound, non-center-pull balls are from skeins I hopelessly tangled in the fulling process. The fact that I got them straightened out at all was due to the patience of my DH, who is my yarn swift. By my count, I have 450-500 yards of heavy worsted, and I think that should be enough. If it isn’t, I do have roving to spin more. I am really pleased with the effect the fulling had on this yarn, but I’ve discovered that I need somewhat thicker rubber gloves for that hot water!

I have joined the Ravelympic group, and my project is to knit the ribwarmer during those days. I think I should be able to pull it off, particularly since swatching counts as training and can be done ahead of time. I usually do not enjoy the summer Olympics as much as I do the winter ones. What I enjoy most about the Olympics is seeing the sports one never gets to see, like curling and the luge. I have nothing against track and field, baseball, and basketball, but I can see those almost any time. I do like the gymnastics and the water sports. I think I also remember coming home from school as a very young teacher, flipping on the television in my apartment to watch, and seeing the horror of events unfolding in Munich. I’m always just a little bit nervous.

Knitting—I finished the scarf for the Red Scarf Project. This is the Yarn Harlot’s pattern, but I made it a little wider and longer to meet the requirements for the project. The yarn is Wool Ease Red Sprinkles. Considering the goal of the project, I think that machine washable and dryable is a plus. The stitch pattern actually shows up very well, but I had difficulty making that show in a photograph. It is a great textured pattern, and I think it would work well even as an afghan stitch, provided that you had some color variation. The stitch is so easy that it would get boring over a long unbroken period.

Next I need to do some swatching for the ribwarmer and some concentrated sock knitting. In reviewing my Fiber Goals for this year, I see that I have become distracted by new ideas and projects, so I want to get back on track.

I am also excited because there is supposed to be a knitting meeting in our area on the 28th. I even have hotel reservations so that I don’t have to drive back after the meeting! Whee!

Books--By my count I’ve completed the Ravelry Book Challenge of reading 50 books for the year. Of course, bookworm that I am, I will continue reading and listening to books, but I am only going to review and/or list the ones I really like or that I think are a unique read. Sometimes if I don’t care for a book, it’s hard for me to say anything without appearing to flame it, and the purpose of this blog is not defending my opinions, but simply to share things that I enjoy.

I have listened to 2 audio books recently while I have been busy spinning and knitting and doing some housework. The first was Last Shot by Gregg Hurwitz. This book was a little bit too hard boiled for me, but the back story was thought provoking. I just do not like prison stories, prison movies, stories about prison escapes. That’s a matter of personal taste.

The second book was The Hard Way: Jack Reacher Series, Book 10. This series was recommended by LizzieK8. Even though this thriller was every bit as violent as the other book, I found it more comfortable. The reason I started with Book 10 is that was what was available on my local Overdrive. I will choose to read more of these. The audiobook reader was also really good. The character of Reacher is similar to the old Western hero who materializes mysteriously to save the day and then disappears after the violence is over, leaving order restored.

What I would love to have available on audio are books in the mystery series such as the books by Earlene Fowler, Susan Wittig Albert, Monica Ferris, and others. I do enjoy the Elizabeth Peters novels as well. I do, however, prefer to limit my listening to unabridged audio, so that eliminates some choices. Also, because, I'm basically cheap--yarn money, you know--I prefer to get my books from Overdrive rather than pay for them, so that also limits my choices. In some ways, this limitation has had a positive result, leading me to writers and books that I probably would not have explored otherwise, but in other ways, it is frustrating.


LizzieK8 said...

Can you share your yarn fulling technique? I've never heard of it. Sounds very interesting. Your yarn is gorgeous. Are you going to use it for a Ribwarmer? When I start spinning in the cooler weather, I have a bunch of Jacobs to finish to make a Ribwarmer.

Come join the 100+ Reading challenge.

I know your frustration on the limited books available on audio for free. Does you library have books on CDs? I just learned how to rip CDs into MP3 format. It's not hard and I got a lot of knitting done while doing it.

Soonerbeknitting said...

Love the color of the yarn you spun. You and the Harlot have made me start looking at wheels. First I'm going to get out my spindle and try that.

Is the meeting on the 28th the county extension one? I got a message in ravelry about that, but it didn't tell me a time or place.

I don't know if she is on audiobooks, but have you read anything by Louise Penny? Someone on ravelry recommended her, and I loved her books so much, I ordered them from Amazon.

Deb said...

My library seems to have a good collection of books on CD that I'm just discovering. I am really enjoying the newest Elm Creek Quilts book The Winding Ways Quilt on CD. I don't know if the earlier books are recorded or not, but I don't think the book would be spoiled if you started midseries.
My state library has lots of books to download, but I only have dial up internet so I haven't explored that yet. Our neighborhood has neither cable nor the right telephone lines for anything resembling high speed internet. Grr!!

Robin said...

That's a lot of spinning! I love gray. What are you going to do with it all? The red scarf is nice. I can't seem to remember the date since they changed it.