Saturday, August 09, 2008

"The Best Laid Plans"

may "gae oft agley," but they don't necessarily bring grief and pain, in spite of what Robert Burns wrote. I left home for three days to go to a teacher workshop and to take care of some "grandma" fun.

  • My audiobook would not play on my MP3 player so I had to drive all the way without fiction.
  • The meeting start time had been moved up 30 minutes, and I hadn't been notified, so I was late. Other people had the same problem, but it was still irritating.

  • I was spending two nights in a hotel, and I forgot my nightgown.

  • I carefully packed a ball of sock yarn, a stitch pattern, and a circular needle in my really cute blue brocade sock bag, so that I would look really impressive knitting in public, only to discover I had packed one very short circ. Couldn't make a sock.


  • I did get a lot of reading done at the hotel, finishing a Kathy Reichs novel I had already started and starting and finishing another one.

  • I had an excuse to buy a new nightie, and I haven't done that in awhile.

  • The schedulers announced two different start times for the second day as well, which just made them look stupid instead of me because everyone noticed.

  • In the very short period of time that I had my yarn out, another teacher saw me, asked what I was doing, and then pulled her project out of her bag. She was doing a baby blanket for an expected grandson in Swedish Embroidery on monk's cloth. I had seen pictures, but I'd never seen the real thing. I had always thought the cloth would be stiff, but it was incredibly soft. She was copying one that her grandmother had made for the baby's father. She insisted on sending me away with a complete copy of the directions. All I need is one more fiber hobby!

Other good things--Gretchen Bernabei, the consultant for the conference, was excellent. She really helped us in targeting writing strategies to improve student writing and to work toward higher test scores. My favorite quote--"You don't fatten a chicken by weighing it every week."

Other good things--

  • a presentation by the education director at the American Quarter Horse Museum and Hall of Fame. They have a really interesting writing project that I think we can use. I also got to examine an interesting artifact--an antique braided horsehair bridle--very fine work in four colors.

  • a short workshop on using Microsoft Office Photo Story. I've already thought of a jillion ways to use this program in the classroom and personally.

Other highlights--

  • watching the opening ceremony from Beijing

  • spending time with my family and granddaughters. Only one granddaughter is in this picture. Guess what she wants to be for Halloween?

This picture was made at the Red Robin restaurant. Back when television was brand new in Amarillo, one of the early daytime local variety programs was hosted by a man named Gordon Suits whose nickname was the Red Robin. He used the song as a theme song.

Note: The trip made me late in beginning my Ravelympics project, but I cast on tonight, and I'm ready to start the short rows on the first side of the ribwarmer.

Sidenote--I'm using the DVD from Meg Swensen. I watched it through on the DVD player in the living room a couple of weeks ago, but tonight I put it on the computer so that I could have the Olympics on the television. I noticed that there are extras to click on that I either did not see before or else they didn't show up on the television screen. I think I'll get my Knitting Workshop DVD out and see if it is the same way.


Soonerbeknitting said...

I'm glad Bernabei was good. I'm sorry I missed her.

I took a 2 day workshop on Photo Story and Movie Maker. I came out with a lot of ideas for class too.

Knitwittygirl said...

Hello, I posted a note for you on Ravelry but I'm not sure which you check more often, so I though I'd let you know here too.

Heather (knitwittygirl)