Thursday, August 21, 2008

Crossing the Finish Line!

I finished the Ribwarmer for the Ravelympics Vest Vault on Aug. 20. Now you can see the results of those strangely shaped pieces that I showed in the previous posts. I was more than a little bit nervous.
The front:
Yes, the fronts are even, but my captive photographer didn't help with making sure the vest was straight.
The back:

Information and evaluation:

I knitted this following only the directions on the DVD by Meg Swensen. I took measurements and did not exactly follow the "multiples of ___" idea from the original instructions in my copy of Knitting Workshop. The yarn is my own handspun, spun mostly during the Tour de Fleece from Brown Sheep Mill Ends Roving. The edging is a handspun that I spun from some alpaca/wool pencil roving that I bought on etsy. The size is a 48" bust measurement with 2" negative ease.

I fulled the gray yarn with 4 hot-to-cold baths. I think that was too many. The vest will be really warm, but the yarn was so changed in texture that I could not make it slide across my fingers to knit continental. I had to pick up and throw every stitch. I could not even separate the plies to spit splice properly. It does give a nice body to the vest, however. When I blocked it, I used a wash of Eucalan with some hair conditioner added, and that seems to help some. I had originally intended to use a nice multicolor-on-gray handspun for the I-cord edging. The two grays were not compatible, so I pulled this black out of stash. It is probably a little bit too soft for the stiffness of the fulled gray yarn, but it worked although I couldn't approach the pretty perfection that Meg Swensen had on screen. I think the sizing is about right, but I would change the way I shaped the armholes. I did increases every 5 rows all the way down and then made up the rest of the inches needed in the underarm area. When I knit another one, I will do that kind of increase about halfway down the armhole and then increase about every 3 rows or 2 rows so that more of the shaping will be in the front and back instead of just under the arm. I do really like the classic simplicity of this pattern. I would like to make another out of some really eyepopping colorful yarn.


Carrie said...

It looks good, but the real question is: are your ribs warm???

LaVerna said...

Very cute!

The Minx said...

Hi,...I can appreciate your panhandle passion! We have a passion for the whole state of TX!....I'm in NC....and a friend of mine just finished the ribwarmer....hers was from Noro Silk Garden...anyway, she made hers longer and somehow, the mitered corner? if you call it that in the front wanted to make a 'cup'...did yours do that too? And I was wondering if she hadn't made it a little longer, if the 'cups' would have been the breast the question is...did you have a cupping problem too? She got it out of the other side but I'm just confused as the right approach...glad you had the guts to go larger with it...allot of us in our knit class wanted to do it but were afraid of fitting if we've shown us how!