Friday, August 15, 2008

The Crunch is Here

School starts for teachers on Monday. My second job bookkeeping is finished; my insurance visit is taken care of; my dental work is almost finished--one more visit should do it. I've had two workshops this week. I have notes to compile and lessons to plan and housework to finish, and what am I doing? Ravelympics, of course. My ribwarmer is still looking unribwarmer-like, but it is looking very much like the shape of a fabric vest that I quilted a few years ago. Maybe it will turn into a wearable garment.
We have a new computer system for grades and attendance and communication with parents this year that is going to be a problem to learn, I think, but will be a big improvement when we actually get going on it. We are also going to have to adjust to Word 2007 on the school computers when students have miscellaneous forms of word processing at home. I am, however, beginning to look forward to returning to class. My horse-going-back-to-the-stable mood kicked in later this year than usual, but it's beginning to inspire me again.


Deb said...

I have one more week, and so much work to do. We were told that we can access our classrooms starting Monday. The construction is almost finished, and the custodial staff is working round the clock to put all of our packed boxes into our rooms. My problem is that I'm going from a very spacious room to a teeny room, plus the big change from teaching a subject I'm trained to teach to a subject I'm not qualified to teach. And all I WANT to do is watch Olympics, knit, and read.

LizzieK8 said...

Best wishes of fun for the upcoming school year. My GD goes back to school on Monday, too.

I'm glad to see you have your priorities in order!

Robin said...

OK. I'm watching! Can't wait to see this finished!