Friday, August 01, 2008

Frustration Sound!

I couldn't type a frustration sound as a title that didn't look like I was writing a pirate post. My "surprise" project that I was squeezing in between my last socks and the Ravelympics is a ball's worth of Sock Ease socks for my toddler DGDs and the older sister. I checked current shoe sizes, added 2 for growth, checked my gauge, and knitted 2.5 socks. They were so darned cute, but they looked entirely too big, so I took them when I went to the knitting meeting on Monday to try them on the smaller of the two DGDs. They were just a fit--barely. I brought them home and tried them on the DGD with the chunkier legs. The bindoff and ribbing are too tight. After trying to figure out other ways of fixing these, I decided on the foolproof one--I'm reknitting. I am casting on 4 more stitches with a looser cast-on, adding a slightly taller heelflap for the larger child, and adding more length for both. Fortunately, I have previous socks to go by for the older DGD--I can alter from my notes because I had her do a try-on. This means, though, that I will probably not be finished before the Ravelympics, so I will have a side project going. I have planned only one Ravelympics project because the timing coincides with the beginning of school. We do not officially start until the 18th for teachers, but I have two days of out-of-town workshops next week and two the following week.

Grandchildren grow entirely too fast!


elaines630 said...

Meh is the word I use when I get really frustrated. Its how my cat sounds when she wants food, but I wont give her any (she's a little rotund!).

My first pair of socks that I just finished are really tight on the bind off too. But I wear them anyways! They aren't too tight on my leg, its just hard to get them on and off!

Soonerbeknitting said...

We go back the 13th. I am trying to get my brother's socks done before then, as well as the house projects I have neglected.

Sorry you have to reknit - sure is pretty yarn though