Sunday, August 03, 2008

A Pleasure and a Disappointment

I finished my reading from my Barnes & Noble binge last week. I've discovered a new author that I like and been disappointed by an author I've formerly enjoyed.

The new author is Kathy Reichs. The book is Bones to Ashes, a forensic mystery. I understand that her character is the basis for the Fox series Bones, but other than the name and the fact that the character is a forensic anthropologist, I didn't see much similarity. This is the sort of book that makes me wish my French was better. In fact, it's almost nonexistent, considering how many years it's been since college and how little use I've had for it in the meantime. In spite of that, however, the plot was riveting, and the characters were developed. I was reminded of some of the early Patricia Cornwell books. I only hope that this author does not descend into the darkness and weirdness that seem to characterize much of Cornwell's later works. The setting of the French part of Canada also makes the book more entertaining for me because this is an area that I know very little about. If only a little knitting were included. . . .

Note: I've agonized over was/were in that last sentence and decided on the subjunctive. There are times when being an English teacher is maddening.

The other book was A Killer Stitch by Maggie Sefton. This is a Knitting Mystery. I've enjoyed two previous books in the series, finding them entertaining, light-hearted, "cozy," reading. I found this book, however, to be less than I expected. For one thing, the plot was weak, I thought. Most of the action seemed to consist of one woman telling another something and saying be sure you don't tell anyone. Then the hearer would immediately decide that for the good of the person being talked about, she needed to tell another person, and so on. Reading this book was like spending a day as a high school--or worse, junior high school--girl again. I definitely expected more for my money and my time. There is obviously a setup for another book at the end of this one. I hope that book is better because we need all the good knitting series that we can get.

On the knitting front, I finished reknitting one of the DGD socks last night.


Robin said...

I LOVE Kathy Reich! I just finished reading Break No Bones and have read several of her others. I've never been disappointment - always on the edge of my seat!

LizzieK8 said...

How funny! I just started listening to Bare Bones yesterday. That's where I left off in the series. And I agree "Bones" and this Tempe have little in common but I like them both. And I thought it was like the early Kay Scarpetta, too. (And I disliked the last several of those novels, too. Made me angry. I really like Kay and Crew and hated to see them descend into madness.)

Agree, too on Killer Stitch. I remember her others as being good enough for me to get and read the next one. Looks we are on the same wavelength on both of these authors.

Deb said...

Me three!

I have to agree with Lizziek8 and Robin. I love Kathy Reich too. I agree that they are have more light in them than the the Patricia Cornwell books which I used to like. I actually abandoned the newest Cornwell book because it was so dark.

I also have to agree with you about Killer Stitch. I hope that the next book is better.