Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ravelympics Progress

I'm knitting away on my Ribwarmer for the Vest Vault, but I'm concerned. I'm carefully following the sizing instructions on Meg Swansen's video. I don't think the problem is in the instructions, but in my personal very-pear shape. I made the shoulders exactly to fit, and I have added increases to the sleeves to get closer to the bust size. Then I still had to add under the arms. This is a picture of one front. I think it is coming out as a vest, a traditional weskit-shaped vest, instead of looking like a ribwarmer. I only hope the underarm area doesn't want to bulge out. Since the fabric is fairly firm, I think it should be ok. I think I'm producing a usable garment, but not the style I wanted. Given that my shoulders are so much narrower than my lower area, I don't know what I should have done. I suppose a top-down raglan sweater would have been a good solution. I know I can make that fit properly. Oh, well, we'll see. I have the back corner knitted to the v-shaped vent, and I've started on the neck for the second front.
This is TECHNICALLY the last week before I go back to school. However, I had two days of workshop last week, and two days this week. Both of these days are actually 1/2 days, but when the 1/2 day comes in the middle of the day, it pretty much messes up the whole thing. I also have a dental appointment, which at least means I can finish a sock, perhaps. I will be fine as soon as school actually starts, but this summer seemed extraordinarily short for some reason, perhaps because many of my plans for the summer had to be put on hold due to the schedules of others. I also think the down economy hasn't helped any. It is hitting our small agricultural community very hard.


Deb said...

I agree that this summer feels too short. For me, I think, it's been the stress of not-knowing what our teaching team would look like for the fall, and then the fact that I now have to teach a subject I'm not qualified to teach. Plus my husband's been working all hours getting everything set for the start of the school year. He owns a school bus company and received the contract for our district ---- so he's tripled our fleet, and our employees. I go in to school later today for a team meeting, (unpaid) and a paid workshop on Friday. Then another day next week (unpaid) before the "real" start of the year on Aug. 25th

Robin said...

That's the strangest looking thing. I can't wait to see it finished. Enjoy your last days of pre-school time!