Sunday, September 07, 2008


Over a year ago, I spun a couple of silk hankies on my Bosworth spindle. The single was a very fine laceweight, and I intended to ply it with something else. I wanted to use the spindle for something, so I wound the single onto a dowel for storage. Guess what? The end disappeared! I have made several attempts over the intervening time period to find the end, but had no luck. I inquired on Knitters' Review and Spindlers and got several suggestions involving the use of sticky substances and cautioning against pulling on anything and making the situation worse. I hadn't gotten the cop out again to try any of them. A couple of weeks ago, my toddler granddaughter discovered it in a basket and was walking around waving it. I grabbed it and laid it up on something tall so that she would not fall and hurt herself on the stick. Today I picked it up to put it away for later, and guess what? There was the end, hanging down as pretty as you please! Obviously, she had the right waving technique. Thanks, Sweetheart!

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