Sunday, November 23, 2008

Almost to the Holidays

We only have two days of school this week. I'm thinking that is a good thing. Actually, we have one real day of school--Monday. Here is my schedule for Tuesday:
Period 1--breakfast; decorate the cafeteria for our Western barbecue luncheon; students are all coming to school in Western dress. Since many of our students are from Mexico originally, the style of Western dress is not what you expect from cowboy movies, but that's ok. Period 2--continue decorating if necessary.
Period 3--class as usual
Period 4--assembly in gym rewarding student achievement for the first two six weeks. This is a new thing for us, but it sounds really neat. I'm an official award T-shirt passer-outer.
Period 5-have someone cover my class so that I can supervise my serving crews in the cafeteria.
Period 6--supervise cleanup in the cafeteria while my class is watching the required instructional film and then practicing a schoolbus evacuation.
7th period--class. Do you think we'll accomplish much?

Over the holiday, I will write up and post pictures of the activities for those of you who are teachers. We learned some unexpected things from this project.

On the knitting front--Today, I'm knitting 15 minutes, housework/holiday cooking/laundry 15 minutes, in sort of a Flylady adaptation. I am not a ribbing person, and I'm working on a hat that is all ribbing on size 4 needles. I'm very pleased with the way it's turning out now that I'm ready to start the decreases, but it has been slower than I expected. I had planned a second, but I think I'm going to adapt for larger needles and fatter yarn. The original, however, will be extra warm and needs to be for the particular recipient. Pattern: Jacques Cousteau, for those of you on Ravelry.

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LizzieK8 said...

When it's all over you can sing, "That Was the Week That Was, It's over let it go, but, Oh, What a Week that Was!"

I know you remember that show!

don't you? ;)