Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Book, Another Christmas Knit, Another Great Saturday

My latest read is Plague Ship, another book in the Oregon series by Clive Cussler. Some of the books have been written with this co-author, Jack Du Brul; others were written with Dirk Cussler. The plot has its improbable moments, just as all Cussler novels do, but for me that is part of the charm. This writer has always been able to make the most unlikely events and the most widespread settings seem possible. This is not an author to read for fine desciptive passages, symbolism, or depth of characterization; however, the issues examined are often "ring a bell" with contemporary issues and concerns. This one concerns world population alarmists, a cult gone awry (Are there any that don't, in fiction, at least?), and a mysterious virus, with an origin that is truly Cussler in nature.

Hint: I repeated the last project in a different color and different yarn. It's on my Ravelry project page.

Last Saturday was great! I drove to Amarillo that morning to stay with the younger DGD, who is almost 2 and a real sweetheart. We watched a VeggieTales movie, and she napped in my lap on the loveseat with both of us wrapped in an afghan. Meanwhile, the older DGD and her Mom and Dad were helping with a local charity, the Eveline Rivers Project. The adults have been helping almost every year since college.

For lunch, the older DGD and my DGS from my son's family and I went to a Japanese restaurant. That's 2 five-year-olds. They watched with some trepidation as the fire shot up from a grill a few seats away. When the chef came to our table to cook, one child ducked behind my chair and the other crawled under his! The chef just looked at me and grinned and said, "No fire, yes?" I nodded. Once he started cooking, everything was fine, and I think they enjoyed the meal. I know that we took go boxes, and DGD ate the leftovers for supper that evening. I will not, however, repeat this on a Saturday. We'll go for a weekday lunch. The restaurant was so crowded that we were rushed, as in they brought the check before the bean sprouts were finished cooking. I do not enjoy dining that way.

Today I'm a little bit nervous because I have brought in a project from a museum for a department-wide writing project. I hope it works well. We were a day later getting the materials than we had expected, so I'm the only one who got to look at the lesson plans and materials last night. Otherwise, we're winging it. This should be interesting, but I'm hoping that high school students will respond well to a hands-on writing project. I'll post the results and the link to the project if it works well.

OTN--nothing till this evening. Tonight is the one night of the week that I consider TV night, so I'll get lots of knitting done, I hope. I need to swatch for a project first.

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Deb said...

I haven't read Clive Cussler recently. I'll have to catch up! The writing project sounds really interesting! I will be interested in hearing how it went. I'm always looking for ideas for my writers.