Saturday, November 08, 2008

Hello Again!

I am back. I spent a couple of weeks not feeling well, but I'm OK now.

You will notice that there is not a knitting picture on this post. That is going to be a problem for a little while. Yes, my camera is still working, but I am doing some Christmas knitting for people who look at my blog. For those of you on Ravelry, I'm posting pictures on my project page there. After all, one has to keep some amount of mystery going! Hint: the newest project is a lunar event.

What's been going on? School is rambling on at full speed. This week, due to the intelligence of our legislature, is the end of the second six weeks, which is not six weeks, but five. Our first semester is significantly shorter than our second, something that makes almost no difference to elementary grades, but is a real killer in high school, where there are several one-semester classes. It also means that students who find out they are on the 3-weeks failing list have very little time left to fix anything. I know, you would think that since a student didn't turn in 3 papers and had an F on the one he did turn in, the fact that he is failing would not be a surprise, but somehow it always is! Of course, next semester, when we have a couple of seven-week six weeks, he will have more time. . . .

There are academic high points: our Western novel reading project is going well. We are seeing students who have finished reading ahead of time because they have become interested and are heading to the library for another book. Yippee! I am particularly happy about the ones who have done that with a major novel by Cormac McCarthy. Next week, my classes will have their turn at the computer lab to work on research and writing projects. Amazingly, this project turned out to be more cross-cultural than we had anticipated--many students had no idea about the popular history of the Southwest. I suppose there hasn't been an MTV version.

Side note: I actually had to stop a film-clip-illustrated documentary on the Western hero because a classroom full of sophomore girls was buzzing so loudly about how "hot" the younger John Wayne was.

How do you let the world know you're a knitter? Put on your shoes in the living room by your chair in the dark because you're in a hurry to get to school to check on the guest speaker. Teach all day. Look down 8th period, and see that you're trailing a length of bright green yarn out of your right shoe. At least it wasn't toilet paper. It was also "Dress Crazy" day for Red Ribbon Week, so perhaps some thought it was my costume.

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