Friday, November 28, 2008

Tree in Need of Aid

I made this Christmas tree back in the mid-80s--1980s, not 1880s, which is what my students would think. The branches are made of tiny seed beads. I bought the kit and instructions at Michael's. At the time, I could only afford a few of the more expensive cloisonne ornaments, the angel on top, for example. For a couple of years, I added a few more, then life intervened, my children got older, and every year the tree was just put out, the globe dusted, and nothing changed. Now, however, I have grandchildren who are interested in the tree, and I would like to spruce it up a little. (Hey, that was a pun!) Anyway, does anyone out there know where to find the tiny ornaments? All of the ones that I have found for miniature trees are much too big. This entire tree is less than a foot tall, and the ornaments are about 1/4 to 3/8 inch. They have tiny s-shaped hooks on them. Ornaments with long string loops will not fit over these branches.


Sherie said...

I used to have one of these trees! Does Michael's not carry the ornaments any more? Hobby Lobby has miniature ornaments, but they might not be small enough. Hope you find some!

Beth said...

Jane, I wonder if you can fashion your own "S" hooks; then the ornaments with the little loops would hang on the hooks.

This place has mini ornaments made from beads. I use Imagination Mall for many of my miniature needs. You might take a peek, but it's a huge site and would take some work. Good luck! :) B