Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Knitting at Last

I think I can safely post two Christmas knitting projects for two family members that do not read this blog. I knitted these two Jacques Cousteau hats--pattern from Ravelry. The gray hat is from Knit Picks Swish DK on size 4 needles over 120 stitches. That is the original pattern. It made a very squishy hat that I think will be very warm for my DS on the job. I deliberately selected wool so that it would remain warm even if it gets wet. When it turned out so well, I did not have enough time left to order more superwash wool, so I used some Plymouth Encore Worsted that I had in order to make a hat for my DSIL. The color is also rather brighter than I would have liked. It is done over 100 stitches, on size 6 needles over 100 stitches. This one will probably be worn to shovel snow and do other around-the-house tasks, so perhaps the brighter color won't matter so much until I can replace it with more of a guy colorl. Both turned out well.

I am a little worried about the gray as it is blocking because it was very, very stretchy when I took it from the washing machine. I am going to let it dry partially on the form and then take it off so that it won't be quite so stretched. The form was necessary to get rid of the pointy effect from the decreases. (I made the same DS an absolutely enormous hat a few years ago, so I'm being particularly careful about this one.) The decreases on this hat pattern are particularly attractive, I think.

Comment on Plymouth Encore--This yarn and Lion Brand Wool Ease are the same acrylic/wool content. I love the feel of the Encore, which is more consistent and feels more luxurious as I knit. However, for some reason the Wool Ease knits much more evenly. I always seem to have a bumpy effect and tension problems which do not even out with blocking with the Encore. Has anyone else out there experienced this?
I also took advantage of the sale/free shipping at JoAnn's to order some Red Heart Super Saver for some afghans for the Victory Junction Gang camps for NASCAR knitting this next season. The rules of the Ravelry Group are that we can't begin knitting until the green flag at Daytona in February, but I want to be prepared. Read more about the project on the Ravelry group or on the Victory Junction web site. (The link is to the sewing/quilt/afghan page, but the web site is great to look at.) Each camper goes home with a handmade blanket. Last year our Ravelry group contributed 61 blankets, and a few are still being made from donated squares during the off-season. I only made one last year, but I hope to do two this year. Anyone who has time for charity knitting is welcome to join in.


Deb said...

I love the hats! I think the bright green is great - he won't get lost in the snow. Thanks for your comments over at my blog. I'm trying not to whine and feel sorry for myself. There are so many people who have endured much more in the way of hardship. I think of all of those displaced by Katrina and the other storms. I keep reminding myself that we are safe and warm.

Knittinreed said...

I also love the Cousteau Cap pattern. I am planning to knit 2 for friends - luckily I will not see them until after Christmas.

My knitting time is fairly limited, but I like to knit baby hats for charity - they are really fast.

Our Nutcracker conductor travels to Cuba where the musicians have very little, so I have been helping out with reed making supplies....

I hope your Christams is filled with joy.