Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Knitting Report, Book to Knit By, and Miscellany

Yes, I'm still at the Christmas knitting. Tonight--decreases. Tomorrow night--Cast on for last pair of "real" socks, child's size. Next week--a quickie pair of house socks for a toddler. I think I'll make it, since I don't technically have to have it all finished until Jan. 1.

My library Over Drive connection tends to have only one book by any one writer, except for C.S. Lewis, and all too often that one book is in the middle of a series--very irritating. I thoroughly enjoyed my last download, The Best Defense, by Kate Wilhelm. It is part of her series featuring Barbara Holloway, an attorney. Unfortunately, it is from the middle of the series. Now I'll have to go back and read the first books and then the following ones. I did find the book to be suspenseful, but not in the way I expected it to be. I had expected the main focus to be on the court case itself--would or would not the defendant be convicted--but that was not where the real story lay. Since strictly legal thrillers are not my cup of tea, I was pleased with that.

I'm still trying to get my Christmas spirit up. Sobering things have been happening to friends at work, and that has put a damper on Christmas feelings. In the last three weeks, one person, already under a load due to her DH's health problems, has totalled a car by hitting a deer, had her replacement car hit BY a coyote, and had a grandbaby come prematurely, with problems. Another colleague had a stroke last week, in the classroom, and is now in rehab. Another got a call at lunch on her cell last week. It seems her doctor discovered that she should have been called about her test results LAST AUGUST. They were bad. Biopsy. It is treatable. Another colleague is scheduled for a biopsy on the 26th to see what kind of damage two autoimmune diseases are doing to a couple of essential organs. We only have a faculty of about 35, so we are indeed ready for a break, between worrying about our friends and shifting to cover holes for the sake of the students. On the upside, it is nice to see that we are a caring bunch.

I hope that I can also get back to spinning during the holidays. I miss it, but I have trouble getting it in after work for some reason. For one thing, I need to adjust my wheel and set up a little better place to work where I can leave things "ready to go." I had hoped to have sort of a fiber studio area by this time, but some of the necessary remodeling--like a working heater--did not get done during the summer. I'm waiting somewhat impatiently. The delay is due to the fact that there was a really bad hail here last summer. There was such damage that roofers are still working. In a small town, there are not many local roofers, so the windows that are going into that room are still stacked in my garage. They will be installed eventually. We have a very heavy-gauge metal roof, so we were ok on that score.

I also want to get some firewood laid in during the holiday. We reinstalled our efficient woodburner in this house last winter and have been using up some very old and inefficent firewood. Now we need some oak. Considering that we will use about one oak log and one lighter log each day that we need a fire, a cord will last a long, long time. I'm just not sure that we can get less than that delivered here.

My DD found an ornament source for my little Christmas tree from the previous post. She actually bought a kit for herself in Michael's--they had one this year. Hers, however, has the tree already made. Once you know the brand, Westrim, ornaments can be found on ebay. I ordered a little set.

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LizzieK8 said...

The first one of the Kate Wilhelm is in my OverDrive selections. I tried a couple of times to listen to it but don't know if it's the narrator or just not into her writing. Once you read it, let me know if you like it and it's me or it's not that good of a first novel.

Good thoughts to your colleagues.