Friday, December 26, 2008

A Quiet Christmas

DH and I spent a quiet Christmas together. As a treat, we decided to drive to Clovis, NM, for Chinese food at a restaurant that is always open on Christmas. We left too early, particularly since there is a time zone change, so we had plenty of time to drive around town and just look at things. There was no real traffic except near the convenience stores, so we were able to look at the little ironies that we saw. I wish I'd had a camera to record some of them, but, alas I dropped and messed mine up earlier in the week. Driving down a country lane in the part of town where you go to check out junk, I spied a set of 3 white Mercedes (Mercedeses?) up on blocks in a weedy yard. I can only wonder what Jeff Foxworthy would make of this--3 Chevys would certainly qualify as Redneck, but Mercedes?
Because of the lack of traffic I also had time to glance in the window of a veterinary supply store, just in time to see a Christmas tree decked out in icicles and covered with different colors of ear tags. (If you don't know what ear tags are, here's a link.) They were all different sizes and the bright colors really made an attractive tree--I've seen many that were worse.
Unfortunately, the Chinese restaurant was closed, so we joined the usual Christmas crowd at Furr's Cafeteria for an acceptable, if not planned, dinner. I was intermittently knitting on a sock, so I could accept the change of plan with aplomb.

Today I replaced my camera with a much smaller model, which means I can stick it in my handbag for moments such as these. True story--One of my colleagues had a daughter in junior high last year who came home talking about a boy who had just moved into her class. The girl had decided that there was definitely something wrong with this young man. The explanation? "Mom, he uses the word "handbag" correctly!"


Carrie said...

Ooh--what camera did you decide on?

LizzieK8 said...

Isn't handbag a synonym for purse?