Sunday, September 21, 2008

Number 3

We're having an Indian Summer here. DH found this rose on the last remaining rose bush that belonged to my mother. He presented it by dropping it on my while I was snoozing in a morning bubble bath! I had this little crystal vase that was just right for it.

The sweater body is a Wonderful Wallaby for my DGS for this winter. I have one more to go after this one.

Monday, September 08, 2008


I got an award from Sherie at Whimsy Knits. Thanks so much.

The rules:

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My nominations:

Sunday, September 07, 2008


Over a year ago, I spun a couple of silk hankies on my Bosworth spindle. The single was a very fine laceweight, and I intended to ply it with something else. I wanted to use the spindle for something, so I wound the single onto a dowel for storage. Guess what? The end disappeared! I have made several attempts over the intervening time period to find the end, but had no luck. I inquired on Knitters' Review and Spindlers and got several suggestions involving the use of sticky substances and cautioning against pulling on anything and making the situation worse. I hadn't gotten the cop out again to try any of them. A couple of weeks ago, my toddler granddaughter discovered it in a basket and was walking around waving it. I grabbed it and laid it up on something tall so that she would not fall and hurt herself on the stick. Today I picked it up to put it away for later, and guess what? There was the end, hanging down as pretty as you please! Obviously, she had the right waving technique. Thanks, Sweetheart!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Is Some of our Local Corn Crop in These?

Pattern--River Rapids socks by Sockbug, modified for fingering weight, with my usual heel and toe.
Yarn--Crystal Palace Maizy, color 1013 Ballad Blues--actually more turquoise than it looks in the photo.
The yarn was slightly splitty, but I got used to it. It has enough stretch to be easy on the hands. I don't know what the durability will be like, but it washed up nicely.

Monday, September 01, 2008


Lion Brand Sock Ease--Cotton Candy--purchased at Hobby Lobby

These are very small socks--the "obvious" difference in size is about 3/8"--for the two smallest DGDs. I am planning to use the remainder for a pair for the older DGD, but I have ordered some green yarn for toes and heels, since I may be short on the Lion Brand Sockease. I spent a long time on these because I knit them twice. I had made them too small the first time. I hope these are fine.

Yarn review--The yarn was much less stringlike than the old Magic Stripes. The socks do not feel as thick and heavy. It was fairly easy on the hands to knit with, not surprising since it contains some aloe. The drawback was the matching. I am not fond of fraternal twins when it comes to self-striping yarn, but this was difficult to match. If you notice, I got the stripes matched on the pair on the right, but the bottom of the heel doesn't. The toe tip is little off as well. I don't think this would be a problem on adult socks because the stripes are so short that they would just be single lines of almost random color, rather than the definite multi-row stripes you get on these tiny ones. Will I buy the yarn again? I really want a pair of the orangey red colorway that the Yarn Harlot knitted, but I have a lot of sock yarn for myself. I liked the look of the yellow for the children. Otherwise, the color selection is not my cup of tea. I do think the socks will be comfortable and cozy from the way they washed up.

School has gone amazingly well. My dual-credit books did not get here on time, but I had alternate plans on tap. (One of the benefits of being an OLD teacher is that you have alternate plans for practically everything!) The computer system that was going to be new but then did not get installed before school from the software outfit got hooked up. The entire school is not on it yet. We can all take attendance, but the gradebook has not been explained to everyone. I was lucky, however, and was in sort of a pilot group so I have mine up and running. Because our senior class this year is small, I have an unusually small class load, and they seem to be really nice students. We'll see what the second week brings.

OTN--a pair of Maizy socks for myself.