Friday, January 16, 2009

Get Ready for Short Frequent Posts

I have decided to document the knitting of the Jane Austen Dress and Shrug patterns in detail. Since I am finding different opinions about the sizing and so forth, I thought it might be helpful to others looking at the pattern if I did so, particularly since spring is coming up, and someone else may be wanting to knit this dress for a child.

The yarn I am using for the pattern is Knit Picks Shine Sport, which is a pima cotton/Modal blend. This yarn is a substitution for the original Rowan yarn, which is not readily available to me, and which would be expensive to use for three dresses and shrugs. In the ball, the Shine has a slight sheen, similar to that of mercerized cotton. It knits very smoothly. I swatched in stockinette on size 4 Knit Picks options needles. Last night, I tossed the swatch into the washer with a load of my knit slacks, ran it a full cycle, and then put it into the dryer. The fibers fluffed up a little bit, making a very nice feeling fabric; however, they are not quite as shiny as before. Nevertheless, I am going to measure the gauge this evening and take the measurements I need and choose the size I am going to knit by the gauge of my swatch because I really, really like the feel of the fabric. I think a bigger needle would look too "coarse" for the delicate nature of the dress style, and the smaller needle would spoil the drape of the fabric. I have just been reading some of the Yarn Harlot's comments about swatch betrayal in Free Range Knitter, but I hope that mine won't betray me this time. I still have time to reknit if necessary.


LizzieK8 said...

So looking forward to your "tutorial".

Knittinreed said...

I like Shine Sport. Some people say it gets fuzzy after a few wearings, but I really like the texture and drape. It is a lovely yarn for lighter-weight garments.

I also knit loosely and always start one or two needles smaller.