Sunday, January 25, 2009

In Which the Top Is Being Blocked

You can tell the top is still damp by the unevenness of the color. I had the opportunity to try it on the child this afternoon, and the fit/gauge came out right.

I did make some changes to the pattern in the finishing. The neckline edge is one row wider than called for on the pattern. After doing the armholes, I decided I would like the seed stitch to show a little more around the neck. In addition, I made some changes to the closing. I will get a photo when I get a button and make the loop for it, but basically, I increased at the corners of the edging between the part straight up the back and the part around the neck in order to make the corners square. I turned the left edging under and loosely overcast the edge to the outer fabric, so that there is a smooth finish to the back opening like the dresses in heirloom sewing.

I am not going to finish the skirt on this dress yet. I am first going to knit the shrug pattern for this dress and then move on to the other tops. Right now the heat in my sewing room is disabled, and it's cold out there. I would also just like to do all three skirts at the same time.

I plan to chronicle the knitting of the first shrug. I will also make note on the blog of adaptations to change the dress knitting to in the round.

This was a delightful knit, both the pattern and the yarn!


Jeri said...

this is absolutely darling! I can't wait to see them with the skirts!

Sherie said...

Adorable!!! And gauge/fit right? That's wonderful. :)

Deb said...

Really cute!! I can't wait to see the finished outfit. I'm glad it fits too.