Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Plans, FO's, Knitting in Progress, and a Question of Etiquette

The Knit Picks order arrived at last! The yarn and fabric are for the Easter outfits for the granddaughters. I'm planning to make the Jane Austen Dress and coordinating Shrug from the second Mason Dixon knitting book.

Much of my stash is leftover yarn from various projects. During the Christmas holiday, I made projects from a couple of leftovers. First is a garter stitch scarf from Noro Silverthaw that was left over from one of my favorite sweaters. I had a really cool outdoor shot at a local color location planned for this one, but the wind has not cooperated, so here it is anyway.

I have already posted about the other project, the case for my new digital camera. I suppose I should have borrowed a camera and made a picture of the dressed camera, but that seemed like a lot of trouble. The case is a little bit larger than it should have been. I lined it with some leftover Minkee, so it is very non-scratchy. The yarn is some Paton's Classic left over from some felted slippers.

Now for a current knitting project--a blanket I'm knitting for charity. The yarn is Red Heart Super Saver because of certain requirements of the project. It's going fairly fast, but I'm finding that I tire quickly because the acrylic doesn't give.

Finally, the etiquette question--Suppose you walk into the workroom to pull your sack lunch out of the refrigerator and someone says, "Wait a minute! X brought stew for everyone." Sure enough, there's an enormous crockpot full of stew, bowls, and spoons. There's even a box of crackers. Several of us dip up some stew and begin eating. Then the "announcer" says this--"We'll have to remember to unplug and clean the crockpot this afternoon. X was so sick when she got here that she was going to leave when they got a substitute." What should one do under those circumstances? I just finished the bowl of stew, but I do wish I had known that information before I dipped it up. Perhaps I would have made a different choice. Am I being picky?


Cathy said...

I probably wouldn't have announced that as people were eating if I were the announcer --- that would have been TOO MUCH INFORMATION. I just would have made sure that the crockpot was unplugged and cleaned.

I probably would have continued to eat it.

I think the announcer could have used more discretion, one way or another!

Deb said...

I agree with Cathy. Sharing that info as people were finishing was too much info. Let's hope X wasn't sick when the stew was made and that she used proper handwashing techniques in the delivery!

LizzieK8 said...

An announcement like that may have put me off my feed, too....

Of course, I wouldn't have brought the stew in from a sick house....

Knittinreed said...

I have not been blog reading the past few days, so this comment is late.

I can't wait to see the dress and shrug progress.

Love the camera bag! What kind of camera did you wind up with? I have forgotten.

Hopefully the heat killed the germs. I also think that was off-putting. I might also have made a differnt choice in that situation.

FriendlyFossil said...

I'll be looking forward to seeing pictures of the dresses and accessories for your grandchildren. I love the fabrics and yarn colors you are using.