Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vintage Eye Candy and a Little Whining

My mother made this dress for me when I was three--very early 1950s. I've always liked it, and I know that she did because she kept very few "treasures" from those years. For one thing, it fits very attractively. I know THAT because I still have one of those 3-year-old-sized Patti Playpal dolls.
It is, however, very short, mid-thigh, because that's how very young children dressed back then.

This is a detail of the pocket flap. If you look closely, you can see that a princess seam meets the top left corner of the flap. The seam does not, however, go all the way down the skirt. The same detail is used on the back of the dress. I really, really want to make a dress like this for each of my younger granddaughters. I would like to make it for the older one as well, but she is already larger than this dress, and I am not sure I could size it up. I think I might be able to make a copy and just wait till the smaller girls grow to fit theirs. I hope to try this summer.

Now for a semi-rant. First of all, you should understand that I am beginning to look toward retirement. If you noticed the quotation at the top of my blog, you probably had a clue. I will be eligible in April, and during the last 4 years I have been anxiously awaiting that date because I was working in a bad situation--for me, for other personnel, and for the students as well. Happily, that situation has changed, and, coupled with the woes of the economy, I'm planning to stay on for a couple of years more at least. I like my job, the people I work with, the students, and, quite frankly, the money.

Last week, I discovered that due to some changes by the state and some anticipated local shifting, I will need to pick up a couple of supplemental certifications for next year. This will necessitate extra work this spring--that's ok--and work that will hang over my head for most of the summer vacation--not ok. I just really didn't want to do this, not just for 2 more years. For one thing, I spent over three hours on the computer trying to find out when one of the tests was being given. Yesterday, I finally discovered that to find out what the schedule was so that I would know when to study, I had to register for the test. Does that seem a little backwards, or is it just me? Anyway, after spending the weekend in a snit, I have managed to space out the anticipated work load so that it won't be such a pain. There is also the fact that one of these supplementals comes with a nice stipend. I know that in today's global situation, I am so fortunate to have a job I like in a place I like to live. I am truly blessed, so I'll try hard not to whine about such little things.

I've also posted some new book reviews on the Shelfari shelf on the sidebar. Take a look.

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Soonerbeknitting said...

Great dress - I remember that style.

Are you doing the ESL Supplemental certification? I just took the refresher at Region XVI. I would be glad to share the notes if you need them. I haven't signed up for the test yet, but that is on my list for next week.