Thursday, February 19, 2009

Busy Week, Finished Dress Top

This is the second Jane Austen Dress top from Mason Dixon. The yarn is Knit Picks Shine Sport in Sky. This time, I worked the top on a circular needle to the bottom of the armholes. It made the knitting go much, much faster and was much easier on my shoulders. It seemed that the top went very quickly. Now I just have 2 shrugs and 1 top to go before I can start sewing on skirts.
This has been a tough week at school, not because I have been working terribly hard, but because I feel pressured due to its being almost time for the ELA TAKS test. I only teach one class that takes the test, but I tutor some students who need extra help, and I'm the department chairman, so I feel responsible for some things that are entirely out of my control. In just a little over a week, it will be over for us, but math, science, and social studies still have over a month to go. The flu and a stomach virus have been hitting hard as well, both with faculty and students. We've also had more serious health problems among the faculty and faculty families--some very serious ones, as a matter of fact--a stroke, several major surgeries, and cancer. It's been a rather gloomy year so far, in spite of some very good changes that have been made in our overall situation.

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Knittinreed said...

That looks adorable!
We have also had a lot of flu, strep, and some ugly respiratory infection going around here.
Stay healthy.