Saturday, February 21, 2009

In a Mason-Dixon Mood

I buy very few knitting books, on the theory that I can spend more money on yarn. I do have Elizabeth Zimmermann, and I can't go without the Yarn Harlot. I also discovered the two Mason-Dixon books. As you know, I'm working on dresses for my granddaughters from the second book. Here's my current progress on the second shrug. I thought the green apple color went well with the book of directions. My cables don't show well in the photo, but they do show up on the knitting. This pattern is very, very easy. The first few rows are a little iffy, but once you have knitted enough to "read" the knitting, you can just breeze along.

I also have a second Mason-Dixon project going. This is the beginning of a Log Cabin Blanket. The directions are in the first book. I'm making it as one of the blankets for the Victory Junction Gang Camp group on Ravelry. I began today during the Nationwide NASCAR race. The yarn is all Red Heart. I added orange to the 4 colors I used on the Lifesaver Blanket I made earlier. I even caught the yarn on sale today in Amarillo! I think I will have enough yarn from my initial purchase and today's purchase to knit this log cabin blanket and perhaps one more.

Today was a great day! I missed my granddaughters' birthday party--no, the apostrophe is not misplaced--when I was sick last weekend. We drove to Amarillo, had lunch with the family, and went to their house, where we delivered a belated birthday present. I got to see the girls' recently redecorated bedrooms--the butterfly canopy in the oldest's room, and the handpainted tree with birds and owls in the little one's room. They are very proud. The other granddaughter who had the party has her "real" birthday next week, so we should get to give her present then.

I also witnessed one of "those" moments. I was in line at JoAnn's with the Red Heart yarn skein and 2 yards of Wonder Under. The one checkout line was unbelieveably long, and most people had several items. Suddenly, a voice behind me called out in a perfect imitation of the usual loudspeaker announcement, "We need a checker at the front." Sure enough, one showed up! I ask you, how many times have you wanted to do that and not had the nerve? I still won't have the nerve, but I can't help but admire someone who did.


Deb said...

That's a great moment to have been part of! I love the dresses you're making for your granddaughters. They are lucky to have you knit for them!

Sherie said...

Love the dresses you've got going! the girls' rooms sound sooo cute. Oh, Joann's is always short on cashiers, can't believe someone said that and it worked! I'm totally trying it next time.