Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Flitter is Frogged

I unpinned the blocked butterfly that I planned to use as a blanket square. It stayed smooth for three or four days. I checked with some Ravelry groups who suggested that the blocking would hold. I checked the gauge again and made alterations to my chart to make the square more square and less rectangular. Then I knitted two of them, with the swatch square lying folded beside me on the table. The two new ones wrinkled like the swatch, but I was undaunted. Then, this afternoon, I picked up the swatch to show it to someone, and just lying folded had made the blocking disappear and the puckering come back. It is evidently a function of the amount of stockinette surrounding the garter stitch butterfly. I gave up and frogged the two new squares. I am adding a couple of colors and knitting a Moderne Log Cabin, which I know will be soft and drapey, and will not require seaming. (Notice I'm just adding to the Mason-Dixon kick I'm on.)

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