Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Little Knitting; A Little Photo Experimentation

I finished the top for the third Jane Austen Dress last night. It was a little more complicated because the larger size used more rows of lace in the front. This is, however, a very easy lace pattern to memorize and knit. I think I may try to work a modified version into some socks.

I also want to post some “before” pictures of my studio. As you can see, this is pretty much just a junk room right now even though my very nice sewing machine and cabinet are out there. This was to be last summer’s project so that I would be all ready to go for one last year of teaching and then retirement. Life intervened in a series of “happenings”:

First of all, we were going to replace the big single-thickness windows with double-insulated windows like the ones showing on the end of the room in this first picture. The windows were measured, ordered, and came in and were placed in the garage for installation. The very next week, there was a terrifically bad hail locally—missed us—and our contractor has been busy ever since, whenever the weather was suitable, doing repairs for people who had damage that affected the weather-tightness of their houses. Since we have not already paid for the windows, we know he’ll get to us eventually, but I am growing impatient, both with my studio situation and with the windows in the garage.

Furthermore, this room has a separate heater. Part of what the contractor was going to do was revent the gas heater. I can’t use it until it’s vented, and the room is much too cold without it to do anything in the wintertime except in the middle of the day on the warm days. Of course, I’m at work then.

Retirement has also been postponed. One good reason—my work situation has improved astronomically. I knew things were bad, but I didn’t realize how bad until it was all over, both because I am still finding out about things that were wrong and because things are so good now by comparison. The bad reason, of course, is that our retirement plans have been affected by the economy just like everyone else’s.

FYI—The first picture was stitched together using the Windows Live program. The second pictures are just single pictures. I tried to combine the two of them, but the perspective difference was evidently too much.

I would welcome anyone’s suggestions for a storage wall. I messaged someone on Ravelry this morning asking about a picture on her profile page. As you can see, I am dealing with a number of windows and two outside doors. Fortunately, it is a big room.

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