Sunday, March 15, 2009

See the Snow?

After all of my complaining about not having winter, we had snow on the day we dismissed for Spring Break! No, there is not a picture. There were beautiful big flakes, but the only place any snow stuck for long was on the north side of the roofs of unheated buildings. Of course, all the blooming fruit trees and the trees that have already leafed out looked a little strange with a frosting of while, but that was ok. Actually, this sort of weather is not unusual in our area. Anyway, I should have made pictures, but the opportunity was fleeting.

In an effort to make more of a committment to use this holiday wisely--that sounds rather ironic--I'm writing down my goals for the week:

This morning--Groceries and out to lunch with DH.

This afternoon and tomorrow morning—clean kitchen, knit on dress top, laundry

Monday afternoon—pay bills at store—will get bill-paying mess out of my kitchen—a couple of hours—knit on dress top, laundry, and sort some yarn out of living room

Tuesday—Out of town to visit my daughter and her family

Wednesday—Time with my local grandchildren all day, laundry, knit to finish dress top

Thursday—work on skirts for knitted Jane Austen dresses—should have all 3 ready to go by then!

Friday—local children, handsew skirts to dresses, buttons and loops on dresses

Miscellaneous strange goals—and not so strange ones—to work in when I have a moment:

clean bathrooms, grade papers and post grades, clean refrigerator, send off some insurance stuff, blog post using Windows Live, including a panoramic picture of SOMETHING—if a 7 year old can do it on tv, surely I can--knit on granddaughter’s blanket—trying to finish for birthday as a read and cuddle project for her chair. Right now this blanket is also my car knitting. It works great for that, but my sock production is now ZERO.

I'll see how much of this I get done before next Saturday.

New book review on the Shelfari shelf--The Garden of Evil by David Hewson

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FriendlyFossil said...

We also saw a few flakes last week.

Question: Last week I saw, somewhere, some very positive comments about Malouf's Fabrics in Friona. I had no idea there is a fabric store in Friona. Since I first saw the information, I have not been able to locate where I found it. Can you help?

Are you planning to go to the Ogallala Quilt Festival in Dimmitt the first weekend in April? I am planning to take a some of the classes on Friday and Saturday. If you are going, I would like to meet you.

Kathy Dane from Lubbock