Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thank You, Yarn Harlot!

Along with many of you, I laughed at the Yarn Harlot's February 26 post, knowing that it sounded exactly like something I would do, except for the fact that I would have given up long before she did.

A few weeks ago, I knit a Jane Austen Shrug, size 4. I pointedly made the comment on my blog and, I think, on Ravelry, about finding the pattern hard to follow at first until the cables were established and I could just look at them. In the last couple of weeks, I knit the second shrug, also a size 4. I made the same comment. Two days ago, I began the third shrug, a size 6, with many more beginning and middle stitches on the needles, and with experience under my belt. Cast on--no problem; Row 1--ditto; Row 2--lovely purls; Row 3--obviously wrong. There should be 6 knit stitches in that beginning section, but the pattern says only 3. There are no parentheses for the larger sizes. Could something be wrong? Aha! Errata!
It wasn't that I was too dumb to knit correctly at the beginning of shrugs one and two--it was just that I was too dumb to notice that there were only 3 knit stitches when there should have been 4 and to look for an error in the pattern. If the third shrug had not been larger, I would still have been trying to figure out my problem.

On a lighter note--things accomplished this week: The ELA TAKS test is over for another year. My dual credit research papers are graded. I qualified again as a TELPAS evaluator (for the two people out there who know what that is). Tonight I'm heading for a hot bath with audiobook and a new CSI and Burn Notice while knitting on the shrug. Life is sweet.

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