Sunday, March 08, 2009

A Weekend of Miscellany

This was a welcome weekend off after a stressful period at work. I took advantage of the time to putter from one project to another.

Of course, there was knitting:

There was a goodly amount of garter stitch: I added two more blocks to the Moderne Blanket. I also finished the third shrug of the sets for my granddaughters. I hope the garter stitch looks a little more even once it is washed and dried. I plan to get most of the dress top done this week so that I can sew and attach skirts over the spring holiday next week.
While I was knitting, I was either riding in the car on a short trip to a nearby city, where we ate lunch and I got a much needed haircut, or I was watching Harry Potter. Since I do not have children at home, I've only seen one of the movies in the theater--The Order of the Phoenix. The others I watched on DVD or network television on our old tv set. Now that I have a new flat screen, I enjoyed a weekend showing of the first four movies in HD on the ABC Family Network. I sometimes can't tell much difference between HD and regular television, but the difference in these films was amazing. Other than NASCAR, I'm not much of a sports fan, but quidditch was definitely better this way.
I also began a new audiobook, which reminds me somewhat of The Da Vinci Code, without the religious controversy. I'll review it when I finish and post it on my Shelfari shelf.
I graded a few papers and posted grades to the computer since progress reports will go out on Monday, did a little bit of laundry and even less housework, and cooked a meal or two. No grocery trip and no other regular weekly errands. It was great!

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