Sunday, May 10, 2009

Economic Stimulus--April and May

When I went out of town to take the certification test, I spent roughly two months' economic stimulus money on bathmats from Target. I have not had mats for this bath for over a year, waiting for the repairs to be done. We have been making do with bath towels tossed down on the floor. I know there are more exclusive brands of mats out there, but I've found over the years that the ones from Target seem to have the best backing and to be more absorbent and more durable when repeatedly washed and dried than even the exclusive brands from the bed and bath shops, and of course, they are much better than the really cheap ones. I remember some bright orange fake fur bath mats I had in my first apartment in 1971. I bought a larger mat for in front of the vanity, a tiny mat that fits in front of the shower, and the contour mat for the toilet. These will make the cold tile floor much warmer and much less slick, as well as adding a note of pretty blue to the blue and beige scheme I have going in that bath. The ones I bought are from the Thomas O'Brien collection. I was going to include a link, but I'm not finding the exact ones on the Target site.

I have also posted a couple of new book reviews.

In the bathroom at the testing center: "Please do not put ANYTHING in the toilet. It does not flush well." The sign was computer-produced in a fancy font, with the ANYTHING in bright rainbow colors.

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