Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's a Small Town

I live in a very small rural community, population roughly 3,000. This is my hometown, and I really love living here, most of the time. In fact, I returned here by choice after living away. However, there are the howevers, and yesterday had one. It's right before the end of the school year, an end that is more hectic than usual because many statewide events that should have happened a month or two weeks ago are just now happening due to swine flu postponements. This has delayed our end-of-school routine paperwork and tasks. If you're a teacher, you will understand what I'm talking about. I also have routine paperwork associated with life in general and with our family business. Well, last night was going to be a paperwork night, from the time I got home from school until "dark thirty." I announced to a couple of fellow teachers that I was not cooking--I was going to buy something and take it home. I tried, I really did! Burgers were out because I knew DH had one for lunch. A couple of the local choices are Mexican, but my stomach can only tolerate that cuisine a few times a week. (Our school food choices tend to be Mexican, even unintentionally. Jalapenos and chili powder just sneak in. The other day the cooked carrots were hot.) Our pizza place--the gas station, convenience store, sandwich shop, coffee spot, pizza place--does not deliver, so I would have just had to sit for them to cook the pizza, which sort of defeated the purpose of not cooking so that I would have more paperwork time. I actually drove up and parked at the Sonic, looked at the menu, and drove off. The local steakhouse--excellent food--is not open at night during the week. I just drove home. Supper? A can of soup and a banana. At least we saved money.

And yes, I do usually plan better than this. If it were winter, I would have had homemade chili or stew, but many of those crockpotty things are not appealing when the temperature is in the eighties. We used our good salad greens the day before. And, see above, plans are disrupted and disorganized until school is out.

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