Friday, May 29, 2009

A New Family Member

I had been eyeing the Roombas for a number of years, but the price of something so "experimental" was holding me back. I bought this little pal from about a month ago. He is reconditioned, so he was much cheaper. So far, I've been very pleased. I've treated him something like having a toddler around. At first I moved almost everything except dust so that he wouldn't get choked. I still have my doubts about using him to clean up a yarn mess or something, but small pieces of paper and things like that are picked up just fine and empty from his bin. This week, I closed doors as I left for school and let him loose to clean the kitchen on his own. He did a topnotch job and docked himself for recharging. Cleaning the roller and the brushes is a snap, not anything like the struggle with my big Hoover. Mopping was a very easy job afterward. If this product holds up to fairly regular use, I just may be in the market for a Scooba to take care of the mopping tasks as well.
The biggest problem I've encountered is that if I'm using him when I'm home, I'm always stopping to watch him. Because his pattern is so random, it's tempting to watch to see if he gets back to pick up the area he skipped. The answer is yes, at least so far. I do pull the kitchen chairs away from the table. Roomba fits between the chair legs just fine. There are three entrances to the kitchen, and I set virtual walls in two and close the door on the other one, and he goes to work. My entryway is much the same, but I only have to set the virtual walls there. He also works on my carpet with about a 3/4" nap. I am not sure how well he really deep cleans, but he will keep circling and working on a really dirty spot. If he had to do that a great deal, he might not finish a larger room in one battery charge. My living room is big, and I really don't plan to run him in there because of the yarn and fiber mess anyway. I am looking forward, though, to turning him loose in the bedrooms because he can do under the beds.
For what I paid for the refurbished product, I'm pleased with his performance so far. Now he needs a name, just like Matilda, my spinning wheel.
Knitting: OTN No-Purl Monkeys socks from Lorna's Laces Black Purl.


Deb said...

Keep us posted on how he continues to perform! I have fantasized over one of these but figured they weren't as good as advertised!

Carrie said...

M would be trying to ride it. A would be trying to send it in other directions.

I still think "he" needs eyes.

Sherie said...

Thanks for the review! I would be quite interested in both the Roomba and Scooba since my back problems really make doing the floors a painful process.