Friday, June 12, 2009

A Bathrobe Day (or two)

Our school has a waiver for staff development next year. Because we are fairly small, getting in any worthwhile consultants for all the staff development days is very expensive. So, for three of our days next year, we need to "do" staff development during the summer. That means we don't have to attend those days during the year. This summer development can consist of attending workshops or conferences to better our teaching skills or some other type of "approved" learning.

One of the areas in which we have to keep up is technology. Last summer, we were dealing with a new attendance/grading system and a new web page posting system for our school. This coming year, all the mobile lab computers will finally be converted to Office 2007. Although I've been using the new office for awhile myself, there's a big difference between just using it and being able to a. explain how to use it to a student or b. straighten out a problem. In addition, I want to produce some PowerPoints that I can show on the big screen to help students through the process of setting up an MLA paper format and using the research tools on Word 2007.

Our school was able to arrange on-line courses for us. They consist of a pre-test, videos, hands-on lab, and a post-test. Produced by Learning Key, the ones I've used so far have been quite good, even if significant parts are directed at a large-business environment. Each segment "counts" as 1/2 day of staff development, but I signed up for extra because I felt I needed it. Then, of course, being me, I decided I wanted to get it all done this week! 14 segments! I can assure you that I don't always pass the post-test the first time. I have to take the study guide produced and go back and find where I messed up and what to do about it. So far, I've completed 9 segments--Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Last night, I started Excel, the one that is probably going to eat my lunch. It has 5 segments. Guess what my weekend plans are?

On the other hand, once I get this done, I can concentrate on the rest of the things I want to do here, like cleaning, redecorating our bedroom, and fixing up the fiber studio/sewing room I have planned. And knitting and spinning, of course. Today, though, I am going to my daughter's home to stay with one of her girls while she takes the other to the doctor. I'm excited. I don't get much, if any, alone time with this little one, and I'll get to see DD and the other DGD as well.

OTN--No-purl socks from Lorna's Laces Black Purl--ironic--down to toe on first sock.
February Lady Sweater--about 2" completed

If you have a dugout--which is basically a long narrow chain link cage with one exit--4 six-year old girls and 6 boys the same age in it--and introduce a BIG black bug, there's lots of entertainment value. The boys were all screaming and trying to stomp on it. The girls were all screaming and trying to get away from it. (That's sexist--a couple of girls were stomping and some boys were trying to avoid the bug, but they were ALL screaming.) The scramble was such that the bug crawled right out through the chain link on the other side.

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