Friday, June 05, 2009

A Great Day

Warning--No Knitting Content

Yesterday had lots of variety. My DGS went to Vacation Bible School yesterday morning while little sister stayed with me. Then we spent the afternoon watching a movie, playing in the backyard, and otherwise having fun. My daughter and two DGDs drove down for the big event--his T-ball game.
The boys all did really well--not being distracted by the freight train coming through about a 1/4 of a mile away, going the right way around the bases, showing good sportsmanship, and generally having fun. One of the little DGDs had a lot of fun playing in the dirt behind the backstop as well. Then we all went out to eat at a traditional local spot--the Tasty Cream--the winner of last year's Texas Cheeseburger Cookoff. Of course, real life intervened, and my DD got stranded here for a little while waiting for a severe thunderstorm to cross her travel path back home. While she was waiting, she got the picture I've been trying to get for awhile:

These are baby mud swallows in their musical nest. All of our porch activity was interrupting their usual feeding time. Mom and Dad were not happy with us and were swooping all over the place. This is the third year for this nesting site. See the previous posts here and here. I've been trying to get a picture of the adult on the nest because they seem to be particularly colorful this year, a beautiful blue with red breast, but they are much too elusive. I've tried leaving the front door open to lull them into security and then catching a quick shot without opening the glass door, but nothing seems to work. Because of the porch overhang, you can't get a shot from any other direction. It seems they chose their site well. When we first got the nest, I was afraid we would be having lots of them, but these birds seem to be rather territorial and are evidently keeping others away. I'm just glad they seem to go after mosquitoes. It must take thousands upon thousands of bugs to feed a family of this size!

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