Sunday, June 07, 2009

A Quiet Weekend, with Knitting

What did I do this weekend? A combination of things. First of all, DH and I went out to breakfast and lunch on Saturday. The breakfast was at our favorite used-to-be-a-truck-stop cafe in a neighboring town. The food, as usual, was excellent. The waitress was superb--we know which table to choose. However, some of the enjoyment of breakfast out was spoiled by the rudeness of a couple of other diners. One was in a booth on one side of us; the other was across the aisle. For the last half of the meal, they carried on a loud conversation with each other right across the two of us. The saving grace was that one of them was complaining about his Social Security/disability payments and the other was complaining about his employers. Both of the complaints were accompanied by reminiscences of trucking that were amusing in an ironic and colorful sort of way. One was complaining that he can't pick up anything off the ground. The other was complaining because he can pick up things off the ground but can't lift them higher than his waist. And this was a day when I had left home without a sock project. I could have used a sharp needle!

Yesterday, I finished reading the last book in the Twilight series--the last paper and ink one. I understand there is another published on-line. My review is on my Shelfari shelf. It was better than the other three, I thought. I don't think I'll be rereading this series any time soon, and I have no interest in the movies, except that I might like to see clips of certain scenes.

I also finished listening to a Charlaine Harris audio book while I was doing some household tasks and knitting. This one was ripped from CD to MP3 on my computer, so listening was a little more awkward than from an download, but it was also cheaper. I took the time this morning to load a couple of books from OverDrive for my household work this week. One is a mystery story, which is starting out well. The other is a nonfiction work that I'm not sure about. I have the public library chasing down another audio book for me to download from CD. Right now, I'm using all the free services I can get. A friend and I are both doing this, so we can then trade books or CDs and not put the librarian to so much trouble.

For school, I finished and passed all three post tests for an on-line course on PowerPoint 2007. This will count as part of my staff development for next year. That leaves 10 more sections and tests to go for the summer, but I'm gaining some very useful skills and information. Ironically, I find that today's students are less computer interested than those I had a few years ago. They would love to be able to produce researched and formatted documents on their cell phones!

I also picked up knitting again. I'm working on socks, and I finished the gussets and got two more motifs worth down the foot of some No-Purl Monkeys. This afternoon, I swatched for a February Lady Sweater. Here's the result:

Here's where I need advice. The pattern calls for size 8 needles. That's the bottom swatch. The gauge is 18 stitches to 4" in garter stitch. Those are 18 stitch swatches. Size 8 is obviously too big, as is size 7 in the middle. The topmost swatch is about 1/2 stitch over. Now these swatches are wet, so perhaps they will shrink up a little, but I really did not stretch them, just pinned them into shape. Is the top swatch going to be ok, do you think? I know that going down to a 6 will be much too small. I'm probably going to have to do some size adjustments to measurements anyway, so perhaps I can compensate for that 1/2 stitch. Any comments are very welcome.

I also put in a couple of hours cleaning and organizing in the fiber room to be. It is still hard to see any progress, but I'm sure I will be able to see some soon. At least, I hope so.

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